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UsE Canvs to target emotional authors for a more effective Twitter ad buy

A major media agency sought to understand if targeting emotional Twitter TV authors within a tailored audience-promoted flight would garner greater engagement than traditional targeting methods have historically generated. Representing a major on-air electronics sponsor to the 2015 Video Music Awards (VMAs), the media agency promoted two identical pre-VMA Tweets: one targeting Canvs Twitter TV authors with an emotional connection to VMAs or VMA talent and the other employing traditional targeting methods. Historical methods include keyword-based and affinity-based targeting. The results showed that the Canvs-powered buy outperformed against traditional targeting methods for every core campaign KPI.


Key findings

For identical campaign investment, the Canvs-powered buy generated:


more impressions


more engagements


less cost per engagement



Traditional Twitter targeting methods employed during tent pole moments can lose impact if they don’t actually reach the target audience. After all, just because someone mentions Miley Cyrus in a random Tweet, it doesn’t mean they want to see her host the Video Music Awards. The Canvs platform, which analyzes TV-related Tweets in the US as captured by Nielsen,  sits atop 500 million+ Reactions to TV dating back to January 2014. Media agencies and brand advertisers can leverage this valuable knowledge base to laser focus paid Twitter campaigns based on the real ways audiences express emotion to TV programming.

Objectives Icon


Tap into the emotion graph on Twitter TV to seek incremental campaign engagement with VMA sponsor content.

Use innovative filtering methods to arrive at a highly curated and highly qualified targeting base.

Compare the results and provide substantiation for future Twitter investments.



Identify relevant programming where the VMA audience may live.

TV Content


Extract emotional authors who have reacted to 2015 VMA talent,
like Demi Lovato, since January 1, 2014.     

Execute the Canvs-powered buy.

Execute Canvs List

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