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Measuring the Emotional Impact of your Campaign

Original Webinar Date: Thursday, February 15th

Learn how to measure the emotional impact of their social campaigns. Using the 2018 Super Bowl ads as his go-to campaign, learn how to bring all your Funny and Interesting campaign insights to life.

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Emotion Measurement of Facebook Watch Shows

Original Webinar Date: Tuesday, December 19th

Learn how how an investment in emotion measurement empowers Watch creators to publish shows tailored to their audiences’ feelings, resulting in increased engagement and sharability.

Facebook Watch 2.png

Maximizing Branded Content Effectiveness

Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, November 15th

Learn how to develop advertiser ‘why buys’ for your network by highlighting which shows inspire the emotions your potential advertisers are hoping to elicit.

The Face of Emotions on Instagram

Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, May 3rd

Learn all about the new Canvs Instagram experience. Discover how you can gain access to its features and how it can help your cross-platform media analysis soar.


What's Normal?

Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, April 12th

Learn how to use Canvs to determine ‘what’s normal’ for your show based on airdate and time. Use our benchmarks functionalities to see how your show emotionally ‘measures up’ to the competition.


Emotional Trends Throughout the Week

Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, March 22nd

Understand how you can put your show in context against competitors from the same night. Also learn which shows sparked which emotions with viewers across the entire week.


Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, March 8th

Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign on Facebook by using our latest filters. Watch as we dive deep into insights from brands who have changed their ad campaign strategies and find out how people felt about these modifications.

Campaign Measurement in Facebook


Trendspotting in Canvs 2.0

Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, February 8th

Learn how to trendspot using Canvs 2.0 by analyzing Super Bowl LI. Dive deep into insights on Lady Gaga's epic halftime show, the ads everyone is Reacting to, and the moments that resonated with viewers.


Original Webinar Date: Tuesday, January 31st

Learn more about some of our favorite 2.0 use cases by checking out this webinar, led by David Benson.

Canvs 2.0 Use Cases


2016 Fall TV Analysis

Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, December 14th

Learn how fans felt about the fall TV Broadcast premieres, as our Director of Client Services, David Benson, shows viewers how to use Canvs to perform similar analyses yourself.


New YouTube Metrics
in Canvs

Original Webinar Date: Wednesday, September 28th

Learn how we empower our clients to analyze YouTube videos using several key YouTube metrics previously unavailable in the platform.


New Facebook View
in Canvs


Original Webinar Date: Thursday, August 18th

Watch our Director of Client Services, David Benson, share how Canvs can help you understand what is driving your Facebook engagement metrics.

TV Viewership


Original Webinar Date: Thursday, July 21st

Hear our Head of Research share how Emotional Reactions drive TV viewership. Canvs has conducted the biggest Twitter data viewership study ever to prove that emotions are correlated to program ratings and we're excited to share it with you.