Canvs twitter tv

Cluster bars represent emotional
categories, such as loveexcited, dislike

Emotional Reactions can be sorted by topics, hashtags, mentions, and authors 

Orange moment dots indicate a major shift in emotion 

Execute detailed search queries across platform

how tv networks use canvs

  • Track emotions and topics on a 24/7 basis, 6 weeks out from premiere

  • Learn how viewers feel about a particular TV episode, season

  • Analyze multiple episodes side by side OR look at how a single piece of content is performing across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

  • Discover how people are Emotionally Reacting to on air integrations on social media

Trend emotional Reactions over multiple episodes

Gain granular understanding of an entire season

See how plotlines and characters resonate over time

Compare emotional Reactions for episodes

Discover differences in your competitive set

Identify emotions unique to your programs

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