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Canvs Raises $5.6M To Help TV Networks
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How Hating Ramsay Bolton Makes You Love Game of Thrones


Data Science Proves We Love to Hate-Watch TV

Canvs mention on Fox 5 NY

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2/14/18 The Wrap
Why Shaun White, Chloe Kim and Omarosa Manigault-Newman Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

2/12/18 Broadcasting & Cable
The Winter Olympics Are Snagging Viewer Emotion Gold

2/11/18 TechEmergence
Artificial Intelligence at Disney, Viacom, and Other Entertainment Giants

2/8/18 MarTechSeries
Going beyond Super Bowl engagement metrics to find what consumers really think

2/7/18 The Wrap
Why Justin Timberlake, Jack Pearson and Krystal Nielson Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

2/6/18 PR Newswire
Canvs CEO to Address Media Insights & Engagement Conference

2/6/18 NBC News
Fiat Chrysler finds MLK and Super Bowl don’t mix

2/2/18 Broadcasting & Cable
‘The Four’: A Deep Dive Into Viewer Emotions

1/31/18 The Wrap
Why Cardi B, Shinsuke Nakamura and Zhavia Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

1/30/18 TVRev
The 2018 Grammys: A Deep Dive Into Viewer Behavior

1/30/18 TVRev
The Frenemy Report: Putting Stakes in Pixels, Banning Bitcoin

1/29/18 Advanced Television
Audience emotions predict live TV viewership

1/25/18 WAFF
Georgetown McDonough Professor and Canvs Study Proves Audience Emotions Predict Live Television Viewership

1/25/18 MarTechSeries
Latest Canvs Study Proves Audience Emotions Predict Live TV Viewership

1/25/18 Markets Insider
Georgetown McDonough Professor and Canvs Study Proves Audience Emotions Predict Live Television Viewership

1/25/18 Rapid TV News
Study claims to prove audience emotions predict live TV viewership

1/25/18 Broadcasting & Cable
Emotional Responses to Actors Can Predict Higher Rated Episodes

1/24/18 The Wrap
Why Tom Brady, Niecy Nash and Claire Novak Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

1/24/18 Broadcasting & Cable
Here’s How Audiences Are Reacting to TNT’s ‘The Alienist’

1/23/18 Broadcasting & Cable
‘The X-Files’: Fans and Brands Still Believe

1/20/18 TVRev
Week In Review: Facebook Moves On Watch; Charter Launches Original Content Division

1/19/18 TVRev
The Biggest Badass Of The Week (On And Off The Field)

1/18/18 Mashable
The rise of Facebook Watch: From experiments to future hits

1/17/18 The Wrap
Why Stefon Diggs, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and David Harbour Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

1/12/18 Cynopsis Digital Edition
TiVo files new lawsuits against Comcast over its X1 platform

1/11/18 TVRev
Georgia, Nick Saban Drive National Championship Reactions

1/10/18 The Wrap
Why Oprah, Nick Saban and Dana Scully Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

1/8/18 Broadcasting & Cable
The Oprah Effect: Winfrey Drives Most Emotions Surrounding the Golden Globes

1/8/18 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Here’s How Viewers Are Reacting and Which Brands Are Backing the VH1 Franchise Expansion

1/8/18 TVRev
Oprah’s LOVE and #TimesUp Win Golden Globes

1/4/18 ITVT
"TV or Not TV? Where and How Are People Watching Video Today?"

1/4/18 Cynopsis
Netflix shares spike as service inks Will Smith-starring ‘Bright’ sequel

1/3/18 The Wrap
Why Baker Mayfield, James Harden and Amara La Negra Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/28/18 Forbes
Niche Content Is Finally Going Mainstream

12/21/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
BuzzFeed report: A Fox News streaming service is in the works

12/21/17 Sport Techie
Tech Startups Deliver Audience Emotion Insights At Army-Navy Game

12/20/17 The Wrap
Why Rob Gronkowski, Chloe Kohanski and Ralphie Parker Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/14/17 Pheonix Business Journal
Exclusive: Ampsy raises $3 million, moves HQ to Phoenix

12/14/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
T-Mobile buys Layer3 TV, will launch new TV service

12/14/17 The Wrap
Why Carson Wentz, Jamal Lyon and Jack Kline Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/12/17 Newsweek
People Asked Netflix To Marry Them More Than 1,000 Times In 2017,And Other Weird Streaming Facts

12/12/17 Broadcasting & Cable
NBC’s ‘The Voice’: What’s Been Moving Viewers This Season

12/12/17 MarTechSeries
Canvs & Ampsy Partner To Bring Audience Emotion Measurement To Live Events

12/7/17 Streaming Media
Engaged and Mobile: Charting the Shifting TV Viewing Landscape

12/7/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Jeffrey Tambor may not leave Amazon’s Transparent after all

12/6/17 The Wrap
Ryan Shazier, Eugene Porter and Bruno Mars Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/6/17 Forbes
Live Event Monitoring Gets A Major Boost When Geofencing Meets Emotional Response Rate

12/6/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs and Ampsy Team To Measure Emotion From Live Events

11/30/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Facing underwhelming revenue, BuzzFeed fires 100s staffers

11/29/17 The Wrap
Why Dak Prescott, Toni Braxton and Davina Bennett Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

11/22/17 TVRev
One National TV Game Enough For Celtics To Win Viewer Emotions This Week

11/22/17 Broadcasting & Cable
How the 2017 American Music Awards Audience Changed (Dramatically) This Year

11/20/17 Mashable
Keurig, Papa John's and other major brands are bumbling responses to culture war controversies

11/16/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Strong Medicine: A Look at Viewer Emotions Surrounding ABC’s ‘The Good Doctor’

11/16/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Hannity in the Hot Seat: How the Fox News Host Is Driving Viewer Emotion

11/15/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Hulu cancels Difficult People

11/15/17 The Wrap
Why Carrie Underwood, LeBron James and Shiva the Tiger Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

11/14/17 MediaPost
Hannity Endures 15% Decline In Q3, More Brand Defections Over Moore

11/9/17 TVRev
CMA Awards Get More ‘Love’ Than Any Other Show This Past Week

11/14/17 BusinessInsider
Here's how advertisers have responded to Hannity's coverage of the Roy Moore allegations

11/10/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Sheldon Shines: A Deep Dive Into ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Young Sheldon’

11/9/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Apple lands original drama series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

11/8/17 The Wrap
Why Georges St-Pierre, NeNe Leakes and Dean Winchester Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

11/3/17 TVRev
Big Bang: Young Sheldon Primed To Surpass Its Elder

11/2/17 TVRev
Hannity, LeBron Out-Drive Astros World Series Win

11/2/17 TVRev
Wendy Williams Faints, Wakes Up As Biggest Badass On TV

11/2/17 TVRev
Cue the Applause! These ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Performers Have Sparked the Most Congrats So Far

11/2/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Adweek report: Amazon consolidates media buying and planning with IPG Mediabrands

11/1/17 The Wrap
Why Astros’ Jose Altuve, Yandy Smith and Nikki Bella Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

10/31/17 TVRev
These Shows Just Might Make You Cry (or at Least Sad)

10/26/17 TVRev
Daryl From The Walking Dead Was This Week’s Biggest Badass On Television

10/26/17 TVRev
Gatorade, Taco Bell Hitting Home Runs With World Series Audiences

10/26/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Roku plans to host content on competitors’ mobile platforms

10/25/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Nielsen to measure Netflix and Amazon viewership

10/25/17 The Wrap
Why Kurt Angle, Marshawn Lynch and Rick Grimes Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

10/24/17 Broadcasting & Cable
‘The Gifted’: A Deep Dive Into Viewer and Advertiser Data Surrounding Fox’s New Hit

10/24/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans and Brands Rise Up for Season Eight of ‘The Walking Dead’

10/13/17 Broadcasting & Cable
The Return of ‘Mr. Robot’: A Viewer and Advertiser Deep Dive

10/12/17 The Wrap
Why Eminem, Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Pope Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

10/12/17 Cynopsis
Facebook announces standalone VR headset

10/9/17 Broadcasting & Cable
The End of ‘Scandal’: A Deep Dive Into Its Viewership and Advertising

10/5/17 Cynopsis Digital
EU regulators step up tax fights with Amazon and Apple

10/5/17 Markets Insider
Canvs Adds Acclaimed Wharton School Neuro Marketer To Board Of Advisors

10/4/2017 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs Adds Acclaimed Wharton School Neuro Marketer To Board Of Advisors

10/4/2017 PR Newswire
Canvs Adds Acclaimed Wharton School Neuro Marketer To Board Of Advisors

9/28/17 Cynopsis
Amazon rolls out updated Fire TV, Echo devices

9/28/17 The Wrap
Why Jerry Jones, Paul Abrahamian and Stiles Stilinski Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

9/22/17 MrWeb
Emotion Measurement Leader Canvs Names James Delaney As COO

9/22/17 Broadcasting & Cable
‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale Gets Viewers Worked Up

9/21/17 Cynopsis
Hulu nabs exclusive SVOD rights to Will & Grace

9/21/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs Names James Delaney As Chief Operating Officer To Drive Sustainable Growth And Innovation

9/21/17 PR Newswire
Canvs names James Delaney as Chief Operating Officer to drive sustainable growth and innovation

9/20/17 The Wrap
Why Donald Glover, Odell Beckham Jr and Mariah Carey Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

9/14/17 Cynopsis Digital
New Facebook guidelines ban certain types of controversial ad content

9/15/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans and Brands Gear Up for Another Spine-Tingling Season of ‘American Horror Story’

9/14/17 The Wrap
Why Beyoncé, Alex Smith and Margana Wood Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

9/14/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
New Facebook guidelines ban certain types of controversial ad content

9/13/17 PR Newswire
Canvs CEO Jared Feldman wins ARF Great Minds Award

9/13/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs CEO Jared Feldman wins ARF Great Minds Award

9/7/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
T-Mobile introduces free-Netflix promotion

9/6/17 The Wrap
Why Evan Peters, Josh Rosen and Deondre Francois Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

9/5/17 TVRev
Shark Tank Attention Scores Bite Hard

9/1/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs Announces Artificial Intelligence Integrations at Its West Coast Client Summit

8/31/17 PR Newswire
Canvs Announces Artificial Intelligence Integrations At Its West Coast Client Summit

8/31/17 Broadcasting & Cable
How Fans Embraced the Return of the Weird World of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’

8/24/2017 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Snapchat announces plans for original shows

8/24/2017 TVRev
Black Girls Rock! 2017: Viewers Felt the Positive Vibes

8/24/2017 TVRev
Why Shonda Matters

8/24/17 Forbes
Meet Canvs: The Company Turning Your Emojis and Hashtags into Emotions

8/18/17 TVRev
Measuring the Hard to Measure

8/17/17 Broadcasting & Cable
FX’s ‘Snowfall’ Passes the Sniff Test and Alcohol Advertisers Reap the Rewards

8/17/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Report: Apple set to spend as much as $1 billion on original shows

8/10/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta:’ A Deep Dive Into the FX Fan Favorite

8/8/17 TVRev
Brands Stand to Gain from Rick and Morty's Return on Adult Swim

8/10/17 MarTechSeries
Interview with Jared Feldman, Founder and CEO, Canvs

8/3/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Snap’s stock hits new low as investors, brands and agencies lose confidence

8/2/17 The Wrap
Why Jon Jones, Cersei Lannister and Stiles Stilinski Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

8/2/17 WN
Why Jon Jones, Cersei Lannister and Stiles Stilinski Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

7/27/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Facebook beats expectations in Q2, preps roll-out of original shows

7/27/17 The Wrap
Why Jordan Spieth, Lawrence Walker and Michael Phelps Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

7/26/17 Reality Blurred
How Big Brother 19 fans’ emotional reactions compare to other shows

7/25/17 PuroMarketing
How Game Of Thrones measures the emotions to decide what to publish in social networks

7/22/17 Mashable
HBO knows what you're thinking while watching 'Game of Thrones' thanks to this company

7/20/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
AT&T in talks to buy up Otter Media, other joint ventures

7/19/17 The Wrap
Why Peyton Manning, Arya Stark and Roger Federer Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

7/14/17 Forbes
Why The 'Game Of Thrones' Audience Keeps Getting Bigger

7/13/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Big Emotions, Viewer Engagement for ‘Big Brother’: How the CBS Hit Delivers for Brands

7/13/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Snap Inc.’s shares sink 10% below IPO price

7/12/17 The Wrap
Why Aaron Judge, Samoa Joe and Tariq St. Patrick Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

7/5/17 The Wrap
Why Jeff Horn, Paul Abrahamian and Joseline Hernandez Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

6/29/17 TVRev
Not Just a Cult Hit: More Viewers Embrace and React to ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

6/29/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
TV networks debut new Amazon Echo Show content as device ships

6/28/17 The Wrap
Why New Edition, Sasha Velour and Lee Garrett Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

6/23/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
YouTube rolls out new virtual reality format

6/22/17 The Wrap
Why Carmella, Mona Vanderwaal and Brooks Koepka Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

6/21/17 TVRev
Why ABC and Brands Are Winning Bachelor in Paradise

6/15/17 The Wrap
LeBron James, Ben Platt and Jessica Dime Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

6/15/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Study: Amazon making rapid gains on Netflix

6/8/17 Broadcasting & Cable
ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ Comes Up Roses on Social Media

6/8/17 The Wrap
Why Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo and Angelica Hale Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

6/8/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Verizon begins beta test of “advanced TV features” for Fios

6/6/17 The Wrap
Why Scott Dixon, Sarah Lacina and Aria Montgomery Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

6/1/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Vimeo launches new clickable video cards for Business subscribers

5/31/17 TVRev
Canvs Unlocks Instagram Emotion Analytics with New API Integration

5/31/17 MarTechSeries
Canvs Reveals Instagram API Integration and Redefines Emotion Analytics

5/31/17 Multichannel News
Canvs Adds Instagram to Analysis of Emotional Responses to TV Shows

5/31/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs Analyzing Instagram for Emotional Responses to TV Shows

5/15/17 Broadcasting & Cable
The Data Behind ‘The Big Bang Theory’: What Keeps Viewers Tuning In

5/11/17 The Wrap
Why LeBron James, Phaedra Parks and Always Dreaming Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

5/11/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Snap Inc. stock tanks after disappointing progress report

5/8/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Here’s What's Special About ‘The Fox News Specialists’ So Far

5/4/17 The Wrap
Why Savitar From ‘The Flash,’ Deshaun Watson and Shadow Moon Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

5/4/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Hulu launches live TV service, renews The Handmaid’s Tale

5/1/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Pretty Little Liars': The Beginning of the End of a Social TV Icon

4/28/17 TV Rev
'When Calls The Heart' Has Officially Stolen Fans’ Hearts

4/27/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Twitter beats Wall Street expectations despite revenue decline

4/26/17 The Wrap
Why Lionel Messi, Troy Ramey and Cody Hastings Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

4/20/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Crackle announces new programming at Upfront

4/19/17 The Wrap
Why Isaiah Thomas, Harry Styles and Spencer Hastings Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

4/13/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Roku gains access to TiVo’s tech patents in new licensing pact

4/12/17 The Wrap
Why Sergio Garcia, Huck From ‘Scandal’ and Kenya Moore Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

4/8/17 TVRev
Media Week-in-Review, Podcast Edition: Pepsi, Politics & Paying for YouTube

4/6/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
YouTube TV launches in 5 cities

4/6/17 TVRev
‘Archer: Dreamland’ a Dream Come True for Fans and Advertisers Alike

3/30/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Facebook with chatty bots

3/29/17 The Wrap
Why Luke Maye, Cookie Lyon and Jack Thornton Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

3/23/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Mobile time spent hits “eye-popping” level

3/22/17 The Wrap
Why Grayson Allen, Normani Kordei and Kirk Frost Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

3/20/17 TVRev
It’s Been A Wild Ride To The Sweet 16, But What Was THE Craziest March Madness Moment So Far?

3/17/17 TVRev
The ‘Always Sunny’ Season 12 Finale Will Live in Infamy

3/17/17 Forbes
'This Is Us' Dominated Prime Time With More Than Just Ratings

3/16/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Life Without Nielsen: How Top Shows Fared for Advertisers During Ratings Blackout

3/16/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Under carriage agreement, Verizon will feature live-streamed CBS content

3/15/17 The Wrap
Why Raven Gates, Stefan Salvatore and Jack Pearson Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

3/15/17 Yahoo! TV
‘This Is Us’ Finale: ‘Love’ Was Top Viewer Emotion for Divisive Episode

3/15/17 Variety
‘This Is Us’ Finale: ‘Love’ Was Top Viewer Emotion for Divisive Episode

3/10/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Scary Good: Five Seasons in, ‘Bates Motel’ Is Tops in Prompting A&E Viewers’ Emotional Reactions

3/9/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Forbes.com takes a page from Snapchat Stories

3/8/17 The Wrap
Why Demi Lovato, Dirk Nowitzki and Rosemary LeVeaux Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

3/6/17 TVRev
“When Calls The Heart” Perfectly Touches Hearts For Hallmark

3/1/17 The Wrap
Why Viola Davis, Wes Gibbins and Gwen Stefani Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

3/1/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
YouTube unveils upcoming TV service

2/27/17 Forbes
Oscar Ratings Fall 4%, But People Loved The Show

2/23/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Report: High-end VR headsets struggling to gain market share

2/22/17 The Wrap
Why DeMarcus Cousins, Daryl Dixon and William Hill Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

2/17/17 Broadcasting & Cable
‘SNL’ Stirs Up Major Viewer Emotions for NBC

2/16/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
$250-$350 million shaved off Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo

2/15/17 The Wrap
Why Adele, Beyoncé and Corinne Olympios Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

2/13/17 TVRev
Love Only Grammy Can Give

2/13/17 Forbes
The Grammys Got Political, And People Loved It

2/13/17 Manila Bulletin
Twitter SEA shares 2017 marketing trends for a brand’s success

2/10/17 WERSM
Pop Mashup Of The Week #113

2/10/17 Broadcasting & Cable
New Edition Story' Tops TV Series in Emotional Response So Far in 2017

2/8/17 The Wrap
Why Lady Gaga, Tom Brady and Melissa McCarthy Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

2/8/17 AdAge
Four Super Bowl Ads as Measured by Emotional Impact

2/7/17 Fortune
‘Stranger Things’ Won the Super Bowl (on Social Media, at Least)

2/6/17 Forbes
The Internet Loved Those Political Super Bowl Ads

2/6/17 Yahoo! TV
Super Bowl Ad Buzz: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Tops the Field

2/6/17 Variety
Super Bowl Ad Buzz: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Tops the Field

2/5/17 Forbes
Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017: Twitter Reacts To Lady Gaga

2/5/17 Digiday
The brand winners and losers of Super Bowl LI

2/3/17 Forbes
Over $9 Million Has Been Spent On Pre-Super Bowl Ads

2/3/17 Broadcasting & Cable
The Most Loved Super Bowl Ads on Facebook So Far

2/2/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Pinterest launches search ads

1/27/17 Broadcasting & Cable
BET's 'The New Edition Story' Dominates Social Media

1/26/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Facebook takes new steps against fake news, tests new “stories” feature

1/26/17 TVRev
How BET Can Double Down On The New Edition Win

1/25/17 TVRev
Wix Super Bowl Ad Puts Up Better Fight Than The Packers

1/25/17 The Wrap
Why Donald Trump, Bobby Brown and Carmelo Anthony Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

1/23/17 Broadcasting & Cable
Presidential Inauguration Sparks Mixed Emotions on Social Media

1/20/17 Forbes
How 'Always Sunny' Owns Funny On FXX

1/19/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition 
Google buys ‘Fabric’ mobile development platform from Twitter

1/19/17 TVRev
Pepsi, Tostitos Feature NFL Stars Joe Flacco And Von Miller In Super Bowl Ads

1/19/17 The Wrap
Why Count Olaf/Neil Patrick Harris, Anthony Anderson and Alec Baldwin Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

1/19/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Google buys ‘Fabric’ mobile development platform from Twitter

1/18/17 TVRev
Super Bowl Ads Arrive Early From Intel, Pepsi and Wix.com

1/13/17 Broadcasting & Cable
President Obama’s Farewell Address Generates More Than Half a Million Social Media Emotional Reactions

1/12/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
01/12/17: Instagram introduces interstitial ad product for Stories

1/11/17 The Wrap
Why Meryl Streep, Toby Damon and Cisco Rosado Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

1/11/17 TVRev
2017 Golden Globes: Love Dominates Viewers’ Response Across Platforms

1/5/17 Cynopsis Digital Edition
01/05/17: Hulu’s TV service will cost under $40

1/5/17 The Wrap
Why Ronda Rousey, Mariah Carey and Nick Viall Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/30/16 Broadcasting & Cable
With SVOD Shows, Where Is the Love?

12/21/16 The Wrap
Why Lucious Lyon, Chance the Rapper and Adam Klein Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/22/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Disney-ABC TV Group partners with Snapchat on original shows

12/21/16 AdWeek
SNL's Dunkin' Donuts Spoof Underscores Facebook's Lingering Problem With Piracy

12/21/16 The Wrap
Why Lucious Lyon, Chance the Rapper and Adam Klein Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/15/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Vice is moving towards IPO

12/8/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
WPP ups Facebook spend

12/8/16 The Wrap
Why Lady Gaga, Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Oliver Queen Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

12/5/16 Lost Remote
Feel The Tweet: So, About the Westworld Season Finale…

12/1/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
After brutal 2016, GoPro will lay off 15% of its workforce and shutter its entertainment division

11/30/16 The Wrap
Why Aaron Gibson, Tara Chambler and Mr Peanut are TV's Social Media MVPs of the Week

11/21/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Supernatural’ Drives 1 in 4 Social Media Emotional Reactions for The CW

11/17/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Univision Communications confirms over 200 upcoming layoffs, many from Fusion

11/16/16 The Wrap
Why Dave Chappelle, Hakeem Lyon and Derek 'McDreamy' Shepherd Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

11/11/16 Broadcasting & Cable
The Walking Dead' Drives Massive Viewer Engagement for AMC

11/10/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Election night live-streaming shatters records

11/9/16 Lost Remote
Love and Hate: The Top Emotions From Election Night

11/4/16 The Ringer
How to Avoid a Box Office Disaster

11/3/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Facebook posts monster Q3 earnings

11/2/16 The Wrap
Why Carol Peletier, Dean Winchester and Soulja Boy Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

10/31/16 Variety
'Westword' Orgy Scene Draws Lots of Love on Social Media

10/27/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Snapchat wants to raise $4 billion in its IPO

10/27/16 The Wrap
Why Megyn Kelly, Newt Gingrich and Glenn Rhee (Sorry) Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week 

10/26/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Colbert, ‘Survivor,’ ‘Criminal Minds’ Drive Social Media Emotional Response for CBS

10/24/16 Lost Remote
About That Scene in The Walking Dead

10/24/16 Variety
Walking Dead' Premiere Drove 77% of All 'Crying' About TV on Twitter Sunday

10/24/16 Vanity Fair
Was That Gruesome Walking Dead Slaughter Actually Worth It?

10/20/16 FierceCable
Filmstruck SVOD service delayed as Turner tackles sign-up issues 

10/19/16 Toronto Star
How fall's breakout hits play with our emotions

10/14/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Verizon confirms: Yahoo hack is an issue

10/13/16 Lost Remote
Social Ratings: Empire Strikes Again

10/12/16 The Wrap
Why Alicia Keys, Twenty One Pilots and Donald Glover Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

10/11/16 The Hollywood Reporter
Anderson Cooper Adored, Matt Lauer Loathed: The Social Media Scores of the Debate Moderators

10/10/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Thirteen Seasons in, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is ABC’s Social Media Powerhouse

10/10/16 Lost Remote
Feel the Tweet, Debate Edition: Crazy Love

10/6/16 Lost Remote
Feel the Tweet: Viewers 'Disliked' VP Candidates

10/6/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Internal Strife at Twitter as Top Brass Debate Sale

10/5/16 The Wrap
Why Alec Baldwin, Lady Gaga and Laurie Hernandez Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

10/4/16 Variety
‘Westworld’ Premiere’s Twitter Response 545% Greater Than ‘Vinyl’s’ Debut

9/30/16 Broadcasting & Cable
This Is Us' Is NBC's Top New Show in Viewer Emotional Response

9/30/16 Lost Remote
Feel the Tweet: Empire Is Most 'Loved' of the Night

9/28/16 The Wrap
How the First Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate Played on Social Media 

9/23/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘American Horror Story’ Top FX Show in Generating Viewer Response

9/22/16 imdb
Analytics Company Canvs Brings Its Emotional Measurement Tools To YouTube, Facebook 

9/23/16 The Ringer
Traditional Ratings Aren't Toast Yet-and Neither Is 'Dr. Ken' 

9/22/16 TubeFilter 
Analytics Company Canvs Brings Its Emotional Measurement Tools To YouTube, Facebook

9/22/16 VideoInk
How Canvs Media is Harvesting Emotional Insights on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

9/22/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
YT looking for heroes; DirecTV Now packs incentive for AT&T customers

9/22/16 Yahoo! TV
Why Jimmy Kimmel, Evan Peters and Grace VanderWaal Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

9/22/16 The Wrap
Why Jimmy Kimmel, Evan Peters and Grace VanderWaal Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week 

9/22/16 Lost Remote
‘Pitch’ Get Most Love of Fall TV Trailers

9/22/16 The Drum
Canvs expands to Facebook and YouTube, giving TV networks and advertisers more actionable emotional reaction data

9/22/16 Multichannel News
Canvs Adds Emotion Data From Facebook, YouTube

9/22/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs Adds Emotion Data From Facebook, YouTube

9/21/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Twitter app launches for connected TV devices

9/21/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Tracking the Love and Excitement for Fall TV’s New Shows

9/20/16 Variety
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Tonight Show’ Interview Was Less Disliked Than Donald Trump’s

9/20/16 Lost Remote
Feel the Tweet: The Shows That Sparked the Most Emotion

9/19/16 Variety
Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump Interview Draws 2,324% Increase in Twitter Hate for ‘Tonight Show’

9/15/16 The Wrap
Why Donald Glover, Cam Newton and Ryan Lochte Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

9/8/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Online conversation doesn’t like iPhone 7’s wireless headphone

9/7/16 The Wrap
Why Nick Viall, Spencer Hastings and Brandi Boyd Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

9/7/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Viewers Get All Emotional Over ‘Queen Sugar’ Premiere (and Oprah) 

9/1/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
CBS All Access gets ad-free tier

8/31/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Midseason Finale Shows ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Is Still a Social TV Phenomenon

8/30/16 TVOT
Radio [itvt]: Interview - Jared Feldman, Founder and CEO of Canvs

8/25/16 AdAge
The Science of 'Hate-Watching:' What Trump Is Teaching TV Execs

8/25/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Spotify struggles with short-term music rights contracts as it moves toward IPO

8/24/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Viewers Embrace the Chaotic Chrisley Family in Midseason Return

8/24/16 The Wrap
How Simone Biles Beat Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt to Win Twitter Gold at the Olympics 

8/18/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Apple greenlights doc about Cash Money Records

8/19/16 The Wrap
Why Katie Ledecky and 2 Other Olympics MVPs Rule Social Media Right Now

8/18/16 NY Post
Ryan Lochte’s Olympic antics may cost him sponsors 

8/15/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Rio 2016: Simone Biles Draws Most Reactions During First Week

8/12/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Arianna Huffington leaves HuffPo 

8/11/16 Digital TV Europe
Twitter claims stronger recall as it strives to boost video ad business

8/10/16 The Wrap
Why Olympics Stars Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Michael Phelps Are TV’s Social Media MVPs

8/9/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Viewers Love the 'Crazy' World of ‘Animal Kingdom’ 

8/4/16 The Wrap
Why Joseline, Frank Eudy and Howie Mandel Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

8/4/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Time Warner buys 10% Hulu stake; NFL Network to come to Dish’s Sling TV

8/2/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans Have Love, Hate Relationship With ‘The Bachelorette’

7/31/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Preacher’ Tops List of AMC Summer Shows for Viewer Emotions

7/28/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Facebook reports stellar Q2; IOC to debut Olympics-related digital video destination after 2016 Games

7/28/16 The Wrap
Why Tiffany Rousso, Louis Tomlinson and Victor Arroyo Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

7/27/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans Gear Up for ‘Wayward Pines’ Finale and Plea for a Third Season

7/25/16 Adweek
Twitter Hopes Its Burgeoning Livestreaming Business Will Help It Take Flight Again

7/25/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans Binge on the Third Season of Netflix's ‘BoJack Horseman’ 

7/21/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Bones’ Fans Excited for an Emotional Season Finale

7/20/16 The Wrap
Amid Ailes Drama, Fox News Programming Stirs ‘Crazy’ Mix of Viewer Emotion 

7/19/16 The Wrap
‘Stranger Things': Here’s How the Netflix Hit Plays With Fans on Twitter

7/20/16 The Wrap
Why Rami Malek, John Cena and Frank Eudy Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

7/12/16 The Wrap
Why Frank Eudy, Spencer Hastings and Sam Heughan Are TV’s Twitter MVPs of the Week 

7/18/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Viewers Have Mixed Reactions to President Obama’s Town Hall on Race

7/11/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Viewers Love MTV/BET ‘What Now?’ Town Hall on Race

7/8/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans Love Season Two of ‘Outlander,’ Gear Up for Finale

7/7/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Viewers Express Mix of Love, Excitement for FX’s ‘Tyrant’ Premiere

7/6/16 The Wrap
Why Jozea Flores, JoJo Fletcher, Waka Flocka Are TV’s Twitter MVPs of the Week

6/30/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Network Deep Dive: Viewers’ Emotional Reactions to ABC Shows

6/30/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
New Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts from friends; MRC finalizes mobile ad viewability guidelines

6/30/16 Fox5
Science Proves We Hate-Watch TV

6/30/16 The Star
Data science proves we love to hate-watch TV

6/29/16 Redeye
Hate makes us love TV even more than we already do

6/29/16 MediaPost
Can Emotions Predict TV Viewership? 

6/29/16 Chicago Tribune
Science proves we love to hate-watch TV

6/29/16 Refinery29
How Hating Ramsay Bolton Makes You Love Game Of Thrones

6/29/16 Television News Daily
Can Emotions Predict TV Viewership?

6/29/16 Tech Times
TV Viewers Are More Likely To Tune In To Watch Characters They Hate

6/29/16 VideoNuze
Canvs Finds That Viewers’ Feelings of Hate Are Best to Drive TV Ratings

6/29/16 Variety
Data Science Proves We Love to Hate-Watch TV

6/29/16 AdWeek
A Study of TV-Related Tweets Finds Hate More Than Love Drives Viewership

6/29/16 Multichannel News
Study: 'Hate’ Drives Viewers to Return to Dramas

6/29/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Study: 'Hate’ Drives Viewers to Return to Dramas

6/29/16 The Wrap
Hate Drives TV Viewers to Return to Shows, New Study Finds

6/29/16 The Drum
Canvs study ties emotional reactions in TV-related tweets to viewership changes 

6/29/16 TV Revolution
I Hate, Therefore I Watch – Using Emotions To Predict The Next Episode’s Viewership

6/28/16 The Futon Critic
All Eyes Were on the 2016 "BET Awards" as 7.2mm Total Viewers Tuned in Across 12 Viacom Networks for the Premiere

6/23/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
BET starts streaming service; Pretty Little Liars goes online with a brand extension

6/23/16 The Wrap
Why LeBron James, Anderson Cooper, Howie Mandel Are TV’s Twitter MVPs of the Week 

6/21/16 Venture Beat
Building the perfect analytics stack: It’s now about choice and customization

6/15/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
YouTube offers free video shoots for small businesses; BuzzFeed fires employees for contract breach

6/14/16 The Wrap
See How Olenna Tyrell, Caitriona Balfe and Angela Babicz Worked Viewers Into a Twitter Frenzy

6/9/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Snapchat may pass Twitter and Pinterest in users this year; NextVR to broadcast U.S. Open

6/8/16 The Wrap
See How Kunta Kinte, Howie Mandel, Karlie Redd Got TV Viewers All Worked Up

6/7/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Girl Meets World’ Is Back and Fans Are Excited for High School

6/1/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans Excited About New 'America's Got Talent' Judge

5/31/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Roots' Revival Draws Emotional Reactions on Twitter 

5/30/16 TechCrunch
Facebook set to foster popularity of branded content

5/26/16 The Hollywood Reporter
Lionsgate TV Chief Defends 'Nashville' Finale Cliffhanger, Says Alternative a "Disservice"

5/26/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Arrow' Finale Hits Target for Fans

5/25/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘The Bachelorette’ Fans Already Can’t Stand Daniel

5/25/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Nyle DiMarco Awash in ‘Congrats’ From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans

5/24/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Gotham' Viewers' Verdict: Finale Was 'Crazy' 

5/15/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Bates Motel' Finale Drives Fans 'Crazy' and Has Them 'Afraid'

5/16/16 Medium
The SIFT — Using the Human Touch to Make Big Data Truly Powerful

5/15/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Scandal' Fans Take to Twitter for 'Crazy' Finale

5/4/16 Vanity Fair
The Walking Dead Creator Apologizes for That Maddening Cliff-Hanger

5/6/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Draws Fan ‘Love’

5/3/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Dancing With the Stars' Draws ‘Love’ From Fans 

4/25/16 Broadcasting & Cable
‘Game of Thrones’ Season Premiere Sees a Twitter Takeover

4/22/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Canvs: Fans ‘Love’ ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 4 Premiere

4/19/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Upfronts Spotlight: Viewers ‘Love’ MTV and BET

4/15/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Upfronts Spotlight: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Prompt Most Bravo Twitter

4/14/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Warriors Set NBA Record, But Kobe Dominates Fans’ Emotional Reactions

4/13/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Social Media Users ‘Love’ Kobe Bryant, Says Canvs

4/8/16 UPROXX
Here’s Statistical Proof Fans Hated ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale

4/8/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans Get Emotional on Twitter Over the End of ‘American Idol’

4/8/16 Business Insider
There's now proof that 'Walking Dead' fans hated that finale cliffhanger

4/5/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Season Premiere: Fans’ Emotional Reactions to ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ 

4/5/16 AdAge
Selling on Emotion: Upfronts, TV Ads and Courting the Superfan

4/4/16 Blasting News
Season Finales Leave Audiences Hanging Again and Again

4/4/16 Today Online
The Walking Dead season 6 finale draws social-media hate

4/4/16 Malay Mail Online
Andrew Lincoln moves to calm angry ‘Walking Dead’ fans

4/4/16 The Week
The Walking Dead season finale cliffhanger angers fans

4/4/16 Variety
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale Draws Social-Media Hate

4/1/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Season Recap: Fans’ Emotional Reactions to ‘Redneck Island’ 

3/29/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Reunion Recap: Fans’ Emotional Reactions to ‘Love & Hip Hop’

3/24/16 Cape Talk
Watching TV and tweeting - Does it Work?

3/22/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fans' Emotional Reactions to ‘Dancing With the Stars' Premiere

3/22/16 DTG
OpenTV wins court case against Apple and Twitter analyses users emotions towards

3/21/16 Business Standard
Emotionally-connected' TV shows best platform for ads: Twitter

3/21/16 Money Life
Emotionally-Connected TV shows best platform for ads: Twitter

3/21/16 Zee News
Emotionally-Connected TV shows best platform for ads: Twitter

3/21/16 BizReport
People Who Use Twitter while watching TV have better ad recall

3/21/16 Research Live
Twitter users show higher TV ad recall 

3/21/16 WARC
TV tweeters have higher ad recall

3/20/16 TechCrunch
Twitter looks back at the evolution of Twitter Ads

3/19/16 Rapid TV News
Twitter: Social TV engagement translates to higher ad recall

3/18/16 Variety
TV Shows That Pack Emotional Punch Have Higher Ad Recall: Twitter Study

3/18/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Season Recap: Fans' Emotional Reactions to 'How to Get Away With Murder' 

3/18/16 VIDEONuze
Twitter: More Socially Engaged TV Viewers Have Higher Ad Recall

3/18/16 AdWeek
Infographic: A TV Show's Appeal Can Determine Ad Recall, Twitter Study Says

3/18/16 MediaPost
Twitter Engagement During TV Show Leads To Higher Rate Of Ad Recall

3/18/16 Multichannel News
Study: Twitter Response Leads to TV Ad Recall

3/18/16 Twitter
New research: TV viewers who engage on Twitter have higher rates of ad recall

3/18/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Study: Twitter Response Leads to TV Ad Recall

3/18/16 AdWeek
Study: Active Tweeting Leads To Higher Ad Recall For Viewers 

3/18/16 The Drum
Research: it pays for advertisers to get in front of TV viewers using Twitter

3/17/16 YPulse

3/11/16 IBT
ABC’s Biblical ‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘Of Kings And Prophets,’ Stumbles, Proves Copycatting Doesn't Work

3/8/16 Broadcasting & Cable
ABC's 'Real O'Neals' Draws 'Love' Reactions on Twitter

3/4/16 MediaPost
The New TV Focus Group - Social Media, Emotions and Scale

3/4/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Fuller House' Dominates Streaming TV Twitter Reactions 

3/1/16 State of the State Ks
Chris Rock's Oscars 2016 Opening Monologue Skewers Oscars so White Backlash

3/1/16 Lost Remote
Steph v. Leo: Who Had the Bigger Weekend? 

2/29/16 Vator News
500 Startups is most active in early stage investments

2/29/16 The Wrap
Lady Gaga May Not Have an Oscar But She Dominated Social Media in February

2/29/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Chris Rock Oscars Monologue Sees Twitter Warmth 

2/26/16 Venture Beat
Only 6 emotions, Facebook? Think bigger

2/23/16 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Mid-Season Return of AMC's The Walking Dead

2/19/16 MediaVillage
Jared Feldman of Canvs: Research in the Age of Emotion Tech

2/18/16 Lost Remote
Twitter Was Feeling the Grammys All Week 

2/18/16 TVTechnology
HPA 2016: Big Data for Dollars

2/15/16 Mashable
Season 28 of 'The Amazing Race' already feels like a #TeamInternet party

2/12/16 Venture Beat
Pikachu zaps Schwarzenegger: Pokémon’s Super Bowl ad beat Mobile Strike’s

2/11/16 Forbes
Fans' Favorite Film Trailer of Super Bowl 50 Bourne Out By Social Media Data

2/11/16 The Wrap
Which Super Bowl Movie Ad Had People Most Psyched? A Tech Firm Knows

2/10/16 Wards Auto
Prius, Ridgeline Super Bowl Ads Grab Most of the Attention

2/10/2016 Multichannel News
Viewers Went ‘Crazy’ for PuppyMonkeyBaby

2/8/16 Forbes
Who's Winning The Super Bowl Ad Battle? Live Blogging The Big Game With Real Time Data

2/7/16 Forbes
These New Data Tools Are Helping TV Watch Back

2/5/16 Lost Remote
5 Big Moments on the Road to Super Bowl 50

2/3/16 Broadcasting & Cable
FX’s ‘People v. O.J.’ Draws Auto Sponsors  

2/3/16 Bleacher Report
Super Bowl Ad Lessons Learned, a Year After Commercial That Went Way Wrong

1/21/16 TechCrunch
Canvs Raises $5.6M To Help TV Networks Track Viewers’ Emotions

1/21/16 Dow Jones
Canvs TV Raises $5.6M To Mine TV Fans' Social Media

1/21/16 Xconomy
Canvs Raises $5.6M for Platform to Map Emotions via Social Media

1/21/16 Vator News
Canvs raises $5.6M to measure emotional response to TV shows  

1/21/16 Multichannel News
Canvs Banks $5.6M ‘A’ Round: Startup Mines Social TV Chatter to Map Viewer Emotions 

1/21/16 VideoNuze
Canvs Raises $5.6 Million to Interpret Video Viewers’ Social Sentiments

1/21/16 MediaPost
Social Tech Oriented Canvs Raises 5.6 million to Build Sales, Marketing Teams

1/15/16 Broadcasting & Cable
Watch Adele Rock James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Inspire Twitter ‘Love’ Storm

1/12/16 Broadcasting & Cable
People “Loved” the Globes, Despite #Awkward Gervais Trend

1/11/16 Found Remote
Social TV week in review: Bachelor Ben Higgins had Twittersphere in a frenzy

12/23/15 Broadcasting & Cable
Social Buzz Predicts Series Renewals 

12/22/15 Lost Remote
Twitter Comes Through for Miss Universe Pageant

12/18/15 Lost Remote
Viewers Thought Trump and Bush’s Debate Fight Was ‘Funny’

12/16/15 TVREV
30,000 Ways to Say I Love You

12/14/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Social TV week in review: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and The Voice drive the conversation

12/4/15 Variety
‘The Wiz Live’ Ratings Strong: NBC Musical Draws 11.5 Million Viewers

12/4/15 CMS Wire
Jared Feldman of Canvs Fast Forwards Social Sentiment Analytics

11/20/15 Mashable
Scandal' episode's abortion, Planned Parenthood plot sparks debate

11/20/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Twitter measures emoji usage in TV tweets. Don’t cry with laughter when you see the results

11/16/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Republican debates continue to drive the most reactions

11/6/15 Lost Remote
CMA Awards: JT Ruled The Evening

10/31/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Which Halloween-inspired TV episodes generated the most buzz on Twitter?

10/22/15 Lost Remote
NFL Fans Are Predictable on Twitter

10/13/15 Cynopsis Digital Edition
The Walking Dead Season Premiere

10/9/15 Lost Remote
Viewers Love Lady Gaga

10/7/15 The Hollywood Reporter
Fall TV's Time-Shifting Winners ('The Muppets') and Losers ('Blood & Oil')

10/2/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Whether on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, NFL continues to drive reactions on Twitter

10/2/15 Variety
Brian Williams Draws Mixed Viewer Response in Shooting Coverage

9/29/15 LA Times
How did Trevor Noah do? Twitter users react

9/25/15 Cynopsis Digital Edition
Minority Report, Limitless, and Empire

9/24/15 Lost Remote
Most Viewers ‘Loved’ the New Muppets

9/23/15 The Hollywood Reporter
Emmys vs. the GOP Debate: Trump Outshines Awards Show on TV and Social Media

9/23/15 LA Times
How did 'Empire' fans react to the show's return on Twitter?

9/21/15 LA Times
How did people react to Andy Samberg's Emmy jokes on Twitter?

9/11/15 Lost Remote
‘Intense’ and Other Reactions to the New Late Show

9/8/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Infographic: With the VMAs on, nothing else mattered on TV last week (social TV-wise)

9/3/15 Lost Remote
Canvs: Context is the New Insight

8/24/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Teen Choice Awards accounted for 37% of all Twitter reactions

8/21/15 Lost Remote
Teen Choice Awards Drives 1,194,000 Emotional Reactions

8/17/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Pretty Little Liars and NFL preseason dominate Twitter TV reactions

8/11/15 The Drum's Found Remote
First GOP presidential debate inspired nearly a third of all social TV reactions last week

8/3/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Twitter says heartfelt "I do" to Bachelorette finale

7/31/15 Lost Remote
Kim and Kanye Blew Up Cait's Premiere

7/27/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Alternative Press Music Awards takes a (social TV) bite out of Sharknado 3 hoopla

7/20/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Sports fans react on Twitter to ESPYs, MLB All-Star, and Wimbledon

7/17/15 Lost Remote
Most Viewers Thought the Home Run Derby Was 'Crazy'

7/14/15 The Drum's Found Remote
More than 25% of last week's social TV reactions were about the U.S. Women's Soccer World Cup win

7/10/15 Lost Remote
Over 200,000 Emotional Reactions to Women's World Cup Final

7/7/15 The Drum's Found Remote
The BET Awards continues to make its mark on social TV

7/4/15 Lost Remote
The Top Moments From the BET Awards

6/29/15 The Drum's Found Remote
With the NBA finals complete reactions to television on Twitter drops by nearly two million tweets

6/26/15 Lost Remote 
True Detective: Viewers Love Ray Velcoro

6/22/15 The Drum's Found Remote
NBA and NHL account for more than half of the total reactions about television on Twitter

6/19/15 Lost Remote
Canvs: 22% of Viewers Found It ‘Funny’ That Lebron Lost MVP Title

6/16/15 The Drum's Found Remote
LeBron James was mentioned in 18% of all reactions to TV on Twitter

6/12/15 Lost Remote
Canvs Infographic: How Viewers Reacted to the Tony’s

6/8/15 The Drum's Found Remote
Game 1 of NBA Finals accounts for 28% of all Twitter reactions

6/5/15 Lost Remote
‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Finale Has Twitter in a Frenzy

5/29/15 Lost Remote
Infographic: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Premiere Has Tweeters in Tears

5/22/15 Lost Remote
Infographic: Twitter Reaction to ‘Mad Men’ Series Finale Overwhelmingly Positive

5/21/15 Vocativ
Here's How Much Twitter Hated That Game Of Thrones Rape Scene

5/15/15 Lost Remote
‘Crazy’ Reactions Peak on Twitter During ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season Finale

5/12/15 The Gist Podcast
On Twitter TV Follows You

5/1/15 Lost Remote
Radio Disney Music Awards on Twitter: Why YouTuber Jacob Whitesides Drove the Conversation

4/26/15 LA Times
White House correspondents dinner: Social media buzzes over #nerdprom

4/24/15 Lost Remote
‘Orphan Black’ is Back and Tweeters Have Already Forgotten About Project Castor

4/17/15 Lost Remote
How Twitter Reacted to the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Premiere

4/10/15 Lost Remote
Roger’s Mustache Drives Twitter Conversation About ‘Mad Men’ Premiere

4/3/15 Lost Remote
Twitter Couldn’t Get Enough of #BieberRoast

3/27/15 Lost Remote
How Twitter Reacted to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale

3/20/15 Lost Remote
Twitter Reaction During ‘The Jinx’ Finale: 49% Said ‘Crazy’ or ‘Mind Blown’

3/18/15 CNBC
An Apple-centric Modern Family episode captivates Twitter

3/16/15 LA Times
Finale of HBO's 'The Jinx' averages roughly 35,000 tweets

3/13/15  Lost Remote
‘Love,’ ‘Hate,’ ‘Happy,’ and ‘Crazy': How Fans Reacted on Twitter to ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Finale

3/12/14 Lost Remote
Thanks, Nielsen, for That Twitter Study — but It’s Time We “Total It up” with You

3/10/15 Lost Remote
The Implications of Nielsen’s Latest Twitter TV Research

3/5/15 Ad Age
Coffee With Ad Age: Talking Future of TV With Jesse Redniss

3/1/15 LA Times
'SNL': Fake ISIS ad with Dakota Johnson stirs controversy

2/26/15 LA Times
'Empire' beats 'Scandal's' live-tweet average, ratings up again

2/23/15 Broadcasting & Cable
Oscar’s Most Loved and Hated Moments

2/23/15 LA Times
Oscars 2015: How people responded on social media

2/20/15 Lost Remote
Infographic: The Overwhelmingly Positive Reaction to #SNL40 on Twitter

2/16/15 LA Times
Saturday Night Live' 40th Anniversary Special' dominates TV ratings

2/13/15 Lost Remote
GRAMMYs? Who Cares. Saul Goodman is Back in ‘Better Call Saul’ and Tweeters Took Notice

2/9/15 LA Times
Grammys drop in TV ratings; West Coast Twitter users gripe about delay

2/6/15 CNBC
Lego tweet, Bieber, 'American Sniper': What went viral last month

2/5/15 Lost Remote
Canvs Infographic: One Fourth of All Super Bowl Tweets Were Emotional Reactions

2/4/15 The Hollywood Reporter
Super Bowl: 40 Percent of Emotional Tweets "Hated" Nationwide's Dead-Kid Ad

1/30/15 Lost Remote
Season 3 Premiere of FX’s ‘The Americans’ Drives Little, But Telling, Twitter Reaction

1/29/15 Fortune
How Technology and Content Marketing are Reshaping the Marketplace

1/26/15 Social Times
Twitter and the Business of Entertainment [INFOGRAPHIC]

1/23/15 Lost Remote
Canvs Infographic: How People Reacted on Twitter to Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’

1/23/15 CNBC
Swift, Spotify, 'Star Wars': The talk on Twitter

1/22/15 LA Times
TV ratings: Fox dominates the night with 'American Idol,' 'Empire'

1/16/15 Lost Remote
Canvs Infographic: How Twitter Reacted to the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Final Season Premiere

1/9/15 Lost Remote
Canvs Infographic: How ABC’s ‘Agent Carter’ Stacked Up Against Fox’s ‘Gotham’

1/6/15 LA Times
TV ratings: 'Gotham' returns on top; 'Bachelor' premiere down

12/15/14 Broadcasting & Cable
The Media’s Social Revolution

12/12/14 Lost Remote
Twitter Weighs In: Which Is More Beautiful – a Chipotle Burrito or the Victoria’s Secret Angels?

12/11/15 Soap Central
New Nielsen partnership allows networks to better analyze fans' tweets

12/11/14 Online Social Media
Canvs Twitter TV content from Nielsen creates world-first in social TV

12/11/14 Lost Remote
With Nielsen Partnership, Canvs Becomes First Fully Automated Social TV Sentiment Platform

12/10/15 The Hollywood Reporter
'Peter Pan Live!' vs. 'Sound of Music': Who Won the Twitter War

12/5/14 Lost Remote
People Hate-Watched ‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever’ While Taking to Twitter

12/5/15 The Hollywood Reporter
'Peter Pan Live!' Draws Twitter Love Despite Potential for "Hate-Watching"

12/2/15 The Wrap
How #BlackoutBlackFriday Boycott Fared on Social Media During Black Friday

11/25/14 LA Times
Twitter at heart of ABC's marketing campaign for Thursday lineup

11/24/14 Lost Remote
‘State of Affairs’: How Twitter Reacted to Katherine Heigl’s Return to TV

11/16/14 CNBC
Players and fans 'hate' the NFL's headphones rule

11/14/14 Lost Remote
Infographic: Fans React to Homer and Bender Sharing the Small Screen Together

10/24/14 Lost Remote
How Fans Reacted on Twitter to ‘The Simpsons’ 25th ‘Treehouse of Horrors’ Episode

10/17/14 Lost Remote
How ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Reacted on Twitter to the Season 5 Premiere

10/16/14 Wall Street Journal
Sorting Out TV’s New Metrics

10/13/14 Lost Remote
Peters and Twisty the Clown Drive ‘American Horror Story’ Tweets During Premiere

10/7/14 CNBC
Meet the new king of real-time marketing

10/3/14 Lost Remote
Infographic: Fans React to Homer and Peter Sharing the Small Screen Together

10/1/14 LA Times
TV ratings: 'The Voice' dominates key demo; 'NCIS' No. 1 in viewers

9/25/14 LA Times
TV ratings: ABC's 'black-ish' starts strong with 'Modern Family' help

9/24/14 Lost Remote
Peyton Manning and Sunday’s Super Bowl Rematch Sparks Twitter Conversation

9/19/14 Lost Remote
She May Have Been Named Miss America, But How Did Miss New York Fare on Twitter?

9/17/14 LA Times
TV ratings: 'America's Got Talent' Part 1 finale boosts NBC to No. 1

9/15/14 LA Times
TV ratings: 'Sunday Night Football' elevates NBC; 'Miss America' down 25%

9/12/14 Lost Remote
'Sons of Anarchy' Return Dominates Twitter

9/10/14 LA Times
TV ratings: 'America's Got Talent' boosts NBC; Fox's 'Utopia' slumps

9/5/14 CNBC
Box-office record rocks the Twitter world