2015 BET Awards and FIFA Women’s World Cup Crowned Social TV Winners

Men’s basketball and golf may have dominated sports coverage recently, but women nabbed the spotlight this week with big showings at Wimbledon and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The World Cup brought together viewers from all over the globe to cheer on their home teams in the two semifinal games, which together inspired 229,776 total reactions. Despite solid efforts by Germany and England, the USA and Japan emerged victorious for a rematch of the World Cup final game in 2011.

Not only was it a highly emotional week for sports fans, but so too for dedicated viewers of popular shows The Bachelorette and Hannibal. On the tail end of Ben Zorn’s exit from The Bachelorette, fans mourned (and shed some tears) in solidarity with 728 reactions. Meanwhile nearly 15,000 reactions to the recently cancelled Hannibal showed support for the show with the hashtag #loyalfannibal.

The BET Awards took center stage with 1,882,385 reactions, which accounted for over 50% of this week’s total. Rihanna may have lost to Beyoncé for best female R&B/pop artist (it happens to the best of us), but she stole the show with the most reactions of any celebrity at 123,845.

For more on how people responded to TV last week, take a look at our infographic published below and at The Drum’s Found Remote.

Canvs World Cup BET Awards