What Do Justin Bieber, The Macarena, and Space Jam Have In Common?

Yesterday, May 23rd, we saw a few Trending Topics that caught our eye and were wondering, what are people actually saying about #1000thingstodobeforeIdie, #yourea90skidif, and #alltimefavoritemovies?

#1000thingstodobeforeIdie: What is on your bucket list before your time is up? Here are the Top 5 tweets of things to do before people’s expiration date: (Mentioned 659,518 times)

1. Meet __. (Top 3: One Direction, Justin Beiber and Drake) 2. Go To __. (Top 3: A particular concert, Paris and a sports game) 3. Marry __. (Top 3: One Direction, Ryan Gosling and Justin Beiber) 4. Go skydiving 5. Travel the world

#yourea90skidif: For anybody who grew up in the glorious days of the 90s, you know it was the bees knees. (Mentioned 224,465 times)

1.    If you cheated at heads up 7up by looking at their shoes 2.    If you know the full song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air 3.    If you still know the Macarena by heart 4.    If all your school supplies were Lisa Frank 5.    If you were born in the 90s

#alltimefavmovies: Here are the 5 most tweeted movies: (Mentioned 193,575 times)

1.    Space Jam 2.    A Walk to Remember 3.    Little Rascals 4.    Fight Club 5.    Rush Hour (1, 2 & 3)

So, #whatchathinkaboutthat?

*Calculated from a sample of 1,000 random tweets per hashtag