Nik Wallenda Walks Into Social TV Gold

After the success of last summer's "Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda," in which the eponymous daredevil walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, it's no surprise that Discovery turned to Wallenda again to showcase his unusual talent. This time Wallenda set his sights on the Chicago skyline, performing a two part high-wire act that spanned the Chicago River and the iconic Marina City Towers. And just in case the thought of Wallenda walking across a wire 50 stories in the air without a net wasn't thrilling enough, Wallenda performed the first leg of the walk blindfolded. We took to Canvs to see how "Skyscraper Live" compared to the Grand Canyon stunt. While "Skywire" was way bigger in terms of reaction volume--it garnered 6.5x the reactions of "Skyscraper"--"Skyscraper" still made a good showing

Audiences seem to be getting used to Wallenda's special breed of bravado as well. Wallenda's Grand Canyon tightrope walk inspired 12% of those who reacted on Twitter to say they were "nervous," but by the time he traversed the Chicago River only 9% of reactions expressed nervousness. Similarly, people seemed to find Wallenda less "crazy" this time. While 29% of "Skywire" reactions said "crazy," that number decreased to 24% for "Skyscraper."

Discovery has decided to keep cashing in on these death-defying stunts: they've scheduled a special for December 7 that features a man being swallowed alive by an anaconda. 

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