Walking Dead Premiere Revives Twitter Emotions

Last Sunday's Walking Dead premiere broke so many records it's hard to keep track. The fifth season opener of AMC's gory zombie show was not only the most-watched cable drama ever, but TheWalking Dead also beat out everything else on TV--including football. The Walking Dead premiere also became the most Tweeted debut of 2014, and it joined the ranks of the few shows to ever completely dominate the top-ten Twitter trending topics in the US.

Emotional reactions for The Walking Dead were also at an all-time high during the premiere episode. Canvs identified nearly 355,000 tweets that contained an emotional reaction during the telecast.  Last year's season four premiere inspired about 100,000 fewer emotional reactions. This year's audience also tweeted about some emotions that they didn't express last year. Reactions expressing "badass," "happy," and "cried" all appeared in relation to Sunday's episode though they were absent in 2013 premiere reactions.

  • Carol's inventive and heroic walker distraction made the audience call her a "badass."
  • We were so surprised to see the audience admit they "cried" during the show that we devoted our entire weekly infographic to what they were crying about. (You can see that below or over at Lost Remote.) 
  • And who wasn't "happy" for the new season of The Walking Dead?