The Walking Dead Finale Leaves Fans Worked Up

Canvs took a look at the sixth season of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead, which had its finale Sunday night. Canvs detected 2,112,100 Emotional Reactions (ERs) out of 6,955,870 tweets throughout the season captured by Nielsen. Across the seasons 16 episodes, the main ERs fell into the “crazy” (17.8%), “excited” (12.1%), and “afraid” (3.0%), with “love” dominating at 38.8% (vs. 22.4% “hate”).

During the finale Canvs detected 292,500 Emotional Reactions (ERs) out of 932,308 tweets captured by Nielsen, averaging more than 440 ERs per minute during the 90-minute episode. The main ERs of the night fell into the “crazy” (17.7%), “excited” (9.0%), and “afraid” (8.3%) categories, with “love” leading the way at 18.2%.

In relation to specific characters, 31% of character-driven “crazy” ERs mentioned Carol Peletier, 41% of character-driven “excited” ERs mentioned Daryl Dixon, 73% of character-driven “afraid” ERs mentioned Rick Grimes, and 24% of character-driven “love” ERs mentioned Daryl Dixon.

In the closing moments of the finale, the predominant ERs were “crazy,” “dislike,” “hate” and “upset,” accounting for more than 70% of all reactions (vs. 15.2% “love” and 6.4% “good”).

The closing moments of the previous season finale had fans singing a different tune, with the majority of ERs falling in the “love” (45.1%), “excited” (7.7%), “good” (9.4%), and “happy” (4.9%) categories. Meanwhile, “hate” accounted for less than 10%.