Vampire Diaries Finale Has Audience in Tears [Spoilers]

The Vampire Diaries is a social TV juggernaut, and the May 15 finale was no exception. Our Lost Remote infographic this week provides a glimpse into how fans felt about the last Vampire Diaries episode of season five. The Vampire Diaries universe has seen quite a shake-up over the last season. The transformative events in the finale elicited nearly 46,000 emotional reactions on Twitter the evening it aired.  In fact, The Vampire Diaries finale was a historic moment for Mashwork:

We've been using Canvs to analyze social TV data for more than a year, and  this is the first time we've seen a scalable pool of "crying" conversation.

The audience was so moved that 16% Tweeted they were crying and another 11% expressed general sadness. This sadness wasn't a surprise as two beloved characters appear to have died (you never really know with The Vampire Diaries), but the fervor of audience emotion is a testament to the storytelling prowess of the show's creators.

The infographic below tells you more about the show and its audience, and you can always read more at Lost Remote. 

Vampire Diaries Finale Infographic