Uncovering Hidden Connections

The possibilities are unparalleled when it comes to organizing and managing information about individuals based on their social media profiles and habits. Over the past decade, we've been essentially uploading our identities to the internet. Every time we share something online, including the things we "like", the words we use, and things we "tweet"; we are creating an"online identity" which can be effectively managed to bring us closer to others that share similar interests.

A company I came across in May that is doing an amazing job of promoting this social connectedness is Sonar.  After downloading the application to your phone, you are then prompted to sign in with your Twitter and/or Facebook account. The ultra savvy networking app then analyzes your profile to let you know how other people in the room are connected to you based on the interests and friends that you share.

This application is leading the way in terms of showing us how we're REALLY connected. As I checked-in to "Heatpocolypse NYC" today on Foursquare, Sonar kindly let me know that another user (let's just call him "Jake P") was checked in to the room and also likes "Rafael Nadal". Now, if Heatpocolypse were an actual location, say a lounge, I might just have walked over to Jake P. to discuss Nadal's recent victory at the French Open and I also might have made a new friend. The beauty of social networking can be uncovered by showing us how we're all connected.

Thank you Sonar for making it easier to find new friends!