Two New Features Expand How You'll Use Canvs

We are extremely excited to announce two new features which will expand how you use Canvs: an Audience tab and an updated Explore.

New Audience Tab

Understand your audience more easily than ever


Looking to understand what gets your audience happy or excited? Crying with laughter or sadness? We're delighted to announce that Canvs users can now get additional insights on Reacting Authors. Overall and per emotion, this new Audience tab features:

  • Total number of unique reacting authors
  • Reactions per author
  • Author retention from previous episode
  • Authors with the most Reactions
  • Authors with the most Twitter followers

The Audience tab is found within the Episode view of all airings. To access, simply click on the tab labeled "Audience" found above the search bar. The "Reactions" tab is the default Episode view. 


In the Audience tab you will notice the total number of Unique Reacting Authors and the breakdown of these authors by emotion. You will also see the retention rate of these unique authors and the number of Reactions per author. Available for series, the Retention Rate indicates the percentage of authors who reacted to the previous airing. The Reactions per Author reflects how frequently the unique authors reacted within the measured time frame. As in the Episode view, emotions can be selected to gain a more granular understanding of your audience.

Emotional Breakdown and Total

The Audience tab also displays the Top Authors in order of most Reactions, giving you insight into your most passionate fans. Their Twitter follower count is also displayed for further context. 


Top Authors can also be filtered by most followers, showing you the most influential users in terms of Twitter followership. The number of Reactions measured per author helps determine their impact on the conversation. 


Updated Explore Feature

Search for what matters most across all of Canvs 


Thanks to your feedback, we revamped Explore to improve its functionality and ease of use. Explore has always given you the ability to see how any brand, show, network, character, or emotion fared across all of Canvs. This exciting feature update now includes:

  • Improved date range selector
  • Higher visibility into top emotional drivers

To access Explore, simply click on the "Explore" button found in the platform's main navigation.

Explore Button

Search functionality remains the same, but the new date range selector provides convenient standard date ranges, as well as an improved and simpler custom date selector.

Date Range Selector

And in addition to the most reacted-to networks, Canvs users can now see what drove the most Reactions across series, airings, and genres.

Series in Explore

We hope you love leveraging our new product feature and update. As always, feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below or through our contact page.