Twitter Popularity Contest: Orphan Black Clones

If you haven't seen Orphan Black on BBC America, you're missing one of the best performances we've ever seen on TV. For the uninitiated, Orphan Black stars Tatiana Maslany as a handful of clones. Really. She plays a bunch of women who look the same, but are very different people.  In the second season, which ended June 20,  Maslany regularly plays five clones with a few minor clones popping up now and then. Maslany disappears into each clone so completely that you need to remind yourself one actress is responsible for playing half of Orphan Black's cast. Perhaps Maslany's talent for disappearing into characters is why she wasn't nominated for an Emmy last year. (We're pulling for her on July 10th when nominations are announced!) After the season two finale of Orphan Black aired, we wanted to celebrate Maslany's incredible talent by pitting her against herself to see which clone audiences loved most. We used our new season recap view in Canvs to see which season two clones elicited the most love from Twitter audiences. To do this we created a "Love Share of Voice (SOV)" index for each of the five main clones. Then, the clone with the highest Love SOV for each Orphan Black episode was crowned the winner for that episode. Here's what we found.

Helena took the love gold medal in five of the ten episodes, making her the clear winner. She came from behind, though, as her first win didn't happen until episode four. Her most loved episode was episode six (the roadtrip episode).

Alison was the second most loved clone. Her shady behavior and amateur musical theater career made her an early favorite. She won the first three episodes, but fell behind as Helena became more sympathetic. Alison's most loved episode was the season premiere, where she was responsible for 59% of all clone love conversation.

Cosmia came in third. Fans were concerned for her health and enjoyed her relationship with Delphine. Cosima's most loved episode was episode 8 where she bonds with both Delphine and the guys in her lab.

Sarah didn't win any of the episodes, but as the show's central clone, she had a fairly steady share of love throughout the season. Sarah peaked in episode 7 with a nearly 28% share of love.

Not surprisingly, Rachel came in last for our most-loved contest. She made a worthy adversary to Sarah and the rest of the clones this season, but she didn't win any episodes. Rachel's most loved episode was the finale because fans loved that she was finally put in her place.

The clones had a good run this season. We can't wait for next season of Orphan Black. Until then, check out our weekly Lost Remote feature and our infographic on the season finale.

Orphan Black Finale