Drake Tops Steve Harvey in T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Love, but Harvey Made ’Em Laugh

Drake’s Super Bowl 50 ad for T-Mobile drew more reactions, but the self-mocking spot that talk-show host and comedian Steve Harvey also did for the wireless carrier proved funnier to audiences talking about the ads on Twitter, according to Nielsen data compiled by Canvs. The two ads proved to be two of the most popular of the day among all that aired during the big game.

T-Mobile You Got Carriered
Total Reactions: 32,497
Total Tweets: 74,745
Share of Love: 44%
Share of Funny: 27%

T-Mobile Steve Harvey
Total Reactions: 5,623
Total Tweets: 15,517
Share of Love: 29%
Share of Funny: 54%

Drake, a social-media powerhouse with 28.8 million Twitter followers, understandably spawned more overall reactions. But Harvey, no Twitter slouch himself with 3.3 million followers, had a higher percentage of funny emotional reactions, according to Canvs. In his T-Mobile spot, Harvey made light of his recent #fail in initially announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Drake himself was the most-cited keyword in references to his T-Mobile ad, appearing in roughly three-fourths of the Tweets. His ad featured his smash summer single, the cellphone-themed slow jam “Hotline Bling,” and visual references to the song’s much-imitated video.