The Voice Finale Stirs up Emotions on Twitter

NBC's The Voice made headlines on May 13 when it garnered 1.92 million Tweets, the most Tweets ever recorded for an episode of a TV series. On May 20, The Voice crowned a new winner but saw Twitter conversation decline from the previous week: The Voice finale generated around 313,000 Tweets, about 114,000 of which contained an emotional reaction to some aspect of the show. The high volume on May 13th can be attributed to the #VoiceSave campaign, which allowed viewers to spare a contestant from elimination by Tweeting. While NBC wasn't able to inspire nearly as many Tweets for the finale, the emotional reaction to the episode still indicated a dedicated and passionate audience. Our Lost Remote infographic takes a look at how people reacted to The Voice finale on NBC.

Most Tweets about The Voice finale focused on the excellent performances from the finalists, but Tweets about how the show "sucked" spiked dramatically when Josh Kaufman won. Fans of Christina Grimmie and Jake Worthington felt robbed by Kaufman's victory, but they took solace in the fact that Grimmie and Worthington surely have illustrious careers ahead of them.

Twitter analysis of the Voice