‘The Voice’ Continues To Melt Fans’ Hearts

Over the past five years NBC’s The Voice has asserted itself as a fan favorite, with celebrity judges and the promise of undiscovered talent. With the NBC upfront approaching next week, we took a look at the most recent episode to gauge fans’ emotional response.

Canvs detected 36,231 Emotional Reactions (ERs) out of 82,958 tweets captured by Nielsen, with the main ERs falling into the “good” (8.8%), “beautiful” (5.6%), “excited” (4.5%), “crazy” (4.4%), and “congrats” (3.9%), with “love” dominating at 67.3%.

During the night, 43.7% of all tweets expressed some sort of emotion, with more than 50 reactions pouring in per minute, from nearly 18,000 unique reacting authors. A number of fans also showed their dedication, with 13.9% who tweeted about the previous episode returning to tweet about last night’s airing.

One of the biggest emotional spikes of the night came when Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton took the stage to perform a duet, with “love” accounting for 70.9% of all ERs during the five-minute span.

With its vibrant personalities and infectious music, it’s no wonder The Voice continues to draw passionate fans to NBC.