Let's Not Forget About the Value of People

They say the best companies in the world are built around amazing people. And it's true. The best companies are built around amazing people who love and believe in the work they are doing. However, in many cases, those same companies who hire amazing people often lack in one area: customer service. If your customer service involves a script and a response tree, at best, it can be considered mediocre. Amazing customer service requires more than a person, or more recently, an automated system, with a script and response tree. It requires people who care about the company and its services/products. It requires that the people responsible for dealing with the customers on a daily basis want to make sure you get the best possible help you can receive. And most of all, it requires that the company is dedicated to investing in customer service for the sake of the business.

After all, these people are on the front line of your business, they are the ones who customers will be dealing with when they call or email. If your customer service representatives are not happy, that typically translates into an unhappy customer because he or she often will not get the service they expect.

In a recently published article by Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily, she wrote about how tech companies are rediscovering the power of real people for customer service, in which, she provides several examples of companies who have invested a lot of money in customer service with great success. The article discusses companies such as Zappos, Godaddy, Qualtrics, and Braintree Payments as examples of companies with excellent customer service track records and killer businesses.

Those four firms understand the importance of having employees who buy into the vision of the future for the company. In order to have employees like that, not only do you need to hire the best people you can for every position, you also need to share the big picture/master plan with them so they can see and understand why you do things a certain way.

Here at Mashwork, our CEO/Founder, Jared Feldman is a huge proponent of having a human element in our reporting process. Every report we do is a combination of awesome technology and an amazing human analyst. It is the combination of those two things which provides a much more meaningful and insightful analysis and a better experience for all of our clients.

Ultimately, what this all comes down to is that as technology continues to progress and become more advanced, that we do not forget the value of a real person.