The Social Media Labyrinth

Social media can be overwhelming, even for gen-Y who grew up using more primal forms of social media such as Xanga and AIM chat. What was once just a post on YouTube is now posted to Facebook that feeds onto your Twitter that is directly linked to Tumblr that is connected to your LinkedIn and so on and so forth. Complicated, right? Sub-categories of each social media platform and phone applications have made connecting even more crowded and confusing, especially for those just starting out. Take Twitter for example. It can be a place to get a message out in 140 characters or less. Easy! One can follow favored artists, look what is trending in the area and ultimately stay in tuned with what you want to stay in tuned about. But with Twitter Apps like Twitpic, StockTwits, Tweetmeme, Twitvid, Listorious, Wefollow, Flixup! And Cadmus, this one platform can be a vortex of never ending possibilities to make sure you are on top of your Twitter game.

So how important is it to understand every aspect of every social media platform? Not very important at all.  There is a smorgasbord of websites that allow you to get your message out there and it is not about mastering them all but the ones that will make your brand or company shine and stand out.

Say you have a taco food truck that parks in different locations in New York City. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram would be beneficial, giving potential consumers information about where the truck is and a visual of the yummy tacos. Conversely, making time for Google+, Tumblr, or LinkedIn might serve little to no purpose if you are trying to sell food out of a moving automobile.

When it comes time hit the keyboard and start promoting your brand or company through the World Wide Web, choose wisely. What good is a hammer if you are looking to fix a drainpipe? What good is an interesting article if you are feeding it through a digital media platform where the users want to look at visuals? Use the right tools for the job. When deciding, ask yourself these questions: Am I communicating my message to the right target market? Where is my target market? Will similar brands have the same success on this platform, and if so, how can I make it unique to my brand? What will showcase my brand in the best way possible?

To take the first step in this digital media equation, find out what your audience is looking for and collaborate it with what your brand has to offer. Once you’ve mastered a few different outlets, add a few on that you might think will have an edge to your brand. Maybe a taco truck via Farmville isn’t such a bad idea.