The Mashwork Team's Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

Looking for some awesome people to follow on Twitter? Well, we've come together to give you a list of our favorite Tweeps and why we love them. Enjoy!  

Lisa Barone: @lisabarone

“Lisa is a marketing genius and a true social media diva. She’s ridiculous, earning her a regular spot on ‘Tweeting Too Hard’: Prepare to be shocked, offended, pleased and fully-informed.” - Devon Zdatny: @devonzdatny


RainnWilson: @rainnwilson

“Everyone needs a little humor in their tweet feed and because the office is probably the best show ever made!” - Angela Berger: @abergs


Xeni Jardin: @xeni

“BoingBoing writer extraordinaire. Travels a lot and covers a range of topics from technology to Fukushima to bananas on the internet. Live tweeted her first mammogram and found out she had breast cancer just recently, so she tweets about that now too.” - Mattan Ingram: @mattaningram


Bill Simmons: @sportsguy33

“Sarcastic spin on anything pop culture or sports related.  It's like reading his NBA draft diaries- but in real time.  Magic.” - Brett Steele: @brettjsteele


Vulture: @vulture

“New York magazine's entertainment and culture blog shares stories about artists, movies, and shows that you have actually heard of, not those who are reserved only for the desks of executive writers of The New Yorker.  Vulture's coverage is fun, quick, and interesting for any casual entertainment fan.” - Michael Goland: @mikegoland