The Death of the Phone Call

Riiiiing. Riiinnggg. Riinnggg. This is a sound soon to be non-existent, the sound of a ringing telephone. As the pace of the world races ahead, so does our ability to communicate in more efficient and effective ways. Looking back at the past few decades, it's easy to note that most means of once popular communication have now ceased to exist.

Next up on the chopping block? The Phone Call.

The traditional phone call as we know it, compared to its much more sophisticated counterparts, is relatively intrusive. You call someone but you have no idea if you're interrupting their dinner, a nap or even a meeting. They have no idea why you're calling, yet they feel obligated to answer. It sucks.

Tweeting, texting, BBM'ing, Facebook messaging, blogging, sharing videos (shall I go on?) have now enabled us to communicate in a much more friendly manner. Our messages are sent and replied to when its convenient for both the sender and the receiver. The when is no longer an issue. Messages are happily sent on their way, not interrupting anyone's time.

This shift represents a huge turning point in human communications. We as a society, are in a very exciting transition into a social media eco-sphere. The phone call is becoming a dying legacy as we become more adapt to using social media to send and share our messages.  The seemingly limitless options technology now provides, gives us the ability to instantly share tons of information conveniently with our intended audience.

We are now "talking" more and calling less. Bye-bye telephone calls, hello rise of social media!