The Browser You Loved to Hate Is Making a Comeback

It's no secret that Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser has developed a notoriously bad reputation over the past several years, which has cost them [browser] market share in the heated browser wars.  Internet Explorer's poor reputation has also been a marketing focal point for rival browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome who have poked fun of Internet Explorer's lack of security and poor performance in attempts to woo users over to their product. Last month in an attempt to reverse the downward trend of Internet Explorer market share, Microsoft launched a campaign to revive Internet Explorer and educate users on the latest version of the browser.  The name of the campaign?  The Browser You Loved to Hate.  The idea behind the campaign in which Microsoft pokes fun of Internet Explorer themselves encourages users to try the new and improved Internet Explorer 9.  And so far, it seems to be working.

Based on March data collected by Net Applications, it appears users are giving Internet Explorer another chance as the browser's market share increased by almost 1 point in March and now holds 53.88% of desktop browser market share.  Meanwhile, both Firefox and Chrome have been losing market share, Firefox is currently sitting with a 20.55% share and Chrome is sitting at 18.57%.

It's hard to say whether the campaign can be considered a success after only one month but the results thus far are promising.  Thinking about giving IE another shot?  Check out the video below courtesy of Microsoft's latest campaign: