Target Audiences and On-Demand Email Reports Now in Canvs

We’re extremely excited to announce a couple of new product features that will not only let you zero in on the audiences that matter most to you, but improve your overall workflow. Here’s what’s new:


Target Audiences

Get to know the audience you care about

Create Target Audience Window

Whether you’re interested in understanding News Junkies or Tech-Savvy Baby Boomers, our latest Target Audiences feature in Explore lets you easily build custom audience segments so you can make sense of a particular audience’s emotional resonance to content in comparison to the audience at large. With any particular date parameters, apply your Target Audience in Explore and see their:

  • Total number of Reactions
  • Top Networks, Series, Airings, and Genres
  • Top Emotions expressed
  • Reactions (sampling)
Pepsi Fans Rankers

To create your own Target Audience, simply go to your Profile Tab on the top right corner of the screen and select “Target Audiences” from the dropdown menu. Select “Create Audience.” From there, name your audience, paste user handles, or upload a .CSV file. You can also write a brief description about your audience for additional context.

The “Sharing” toggle allows you to select if your list will be “Private,” which means it can only be viewed by you; “Shared,” which is visible with your team; or “Global,” which becomes visible to all Canvs users. Once finished, click “Save” and you’re all set to start exploring your Target Audience.

Tooltip of Target Audiences
Save Target Audience

Don’t have time to build a custom audience? Within the Explore page, click on “Save Target Audience” from the “Save” drop down menu to quickly create an audience segment based on whatever search parameters you create. It’s that simple. And to help you get started, Canvs created pre-populated Target Audiences under Global Audiences—all available for you to start exploring today!

On-Demand Email Reports

Available at any time, for any airing

Currently, automated email reports offer great insights into your favorite shows the day after they air. Now, our latest feature allows you to request and receive email reports on demand. This means that at any time, you can simply go to any Episode view of your choosing and select “Send E-mail Report” found under the dropdown menu of the “Export” button. It’ll arrive in your inbox within seconds. (We think that’s pretty on fleek).

OnDemand Email Reports

We hope you enjoy leveraging our new product feature and update. As always, feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions through our contact page.