Super Bowl XLIX: The Game, The Ads, The Shark

Super Bowl XLIX came as a welcome change from last year's boring blowout: the game was exciting and ratings were up significantly. We used Canvs to analyze the more than 25 million Tweets recorded by Nielsen Social three hours before, during, and three hours after the game. Twitter reactions to the game, the halftime show, and the commercials show just how engaged audiences were with Super Bowl XLIX.

The Game

Our graphic published in Ad Week's Lost Remotedetails Twitter reactions to the game's biggest moments, but we found a few other gems for the true football fans.

One of the worst calls by refs, according to Canvs, happened from 6:35-6:40 when Seattle got a running into the kicker penalty rather than the roughing the kicker penalty many thought they deserved. In that five minute period, there nearly 600 reactions to the call, more than 60% of which expressed hatred or disappointment.

Football fans also took to Twitter at 9:25 when the Patriots' Julian Edelman took a helmet-to-helmet hit and then acted slightly wobbly. With the NFL under increased scrutiny about player concussions, many speculated that the rules were bent to hide the fact that Edelman was concussed. After the incident, we found more than 600 reactions to Edelman that also mentioned concussions. Nearly 18% of those reactions said that the decision to let Edelman play was crazy, and 22% hated something about the situation.

Left Shark

Before Left Shark became a cultural phenomenon on par with Angela Jolie's leg, there was a backup dancer with a free spirit.  Canvs analysis tells of Left Shark's rise to fame. During the halftime show itself, there were a mere 18 specific reactions to Left Shark, and half of those reactions congratulated the shark for his inventive performance.  Reactions to the shark picked up from 9:25 to 9:55 after popular Twitch streamer Sam Hall Tweeted a Vine video of the Left Shark with the comment, "The shark on the left LMAO."

At this point, 81%  of the 233 reactions said Left Shark was funny. Twitter's tune changed during the period from 12:15 to 1:00AM after Gentleman's Handbook  Tweeted the same Vine video with the comment, "That shark on the left had no idea what it was doing #DrunkShark #SuperBowl," inspiring 845 reactions. This time, an astonishing 97% of reactions expressed hate toward Left Shark. Also contributing to the early stages of our national Left Shark obsession was a Tweet from Snoop Dogg. The Tweet itself didn't contain an emotion, but it amassed almost 50 emotional RT comments in Canvs, 68% of which expressed funny. 

Left Shark made the biggest splash when everyone got back to work on Monday, but Canvs gives us hints at what was to come.

The Ads

Canvs analysis for Super Bowl XLIX commercials appeared previously in The Hollywood Reporter.

We noticed that auto commercials commanded a high share of love during the game. As noted in the graphic below, BMW had the single commercial with the highest share of love.  Lexus, which aired two spots during the game, inspired nearly 22,000 reactions, and, when combined, 95% of those expressed love. 

At nearly 23,000 reactions to their two commercials, Toyota garnered an impressive 88% share of love. 

Between the game, halftime, and the ads, Super Bowl XLIX gave us all something to Tweet about. For even more Canvs analysis, check out the infographic below that originally appeared on Ad Week's Lost Remote. 

Additional analysis by Andrew Fletcher and Daniel Kurzner