'Stranger Things' Causes Viewers To Lose Large Amounts Of Time Due To Binge Watching

Since Netflix announced its 2016 show roster and premiere dates on January 17, Stranger Things has been a hot topic amongst fans of the OTT streaming service. We took a closer look to gauge fans’ emotional response.

Canvs detected social media chatter about the show as early as January 18, but the first major spike came on June 9, when Netflix released the first official trailer on YouTube. The teaser sparked 569 Emotional Reactions (ERs) out of 1,261 comments on the platform, with “love” (43.9%), “excited” (11.4%), and “interesting” (6.0%) leading the way.

Some fans also took the conversation to Twitter, with 544 ERs pouring in from 2,187 tweets captured by Nielsen, and “excited” leading the way at 34.6%, followed by “afraid” (24.8%), and “love” (22.6%).

All in all, Canvs has detected 20,719 ERs out of 43,093 tweets since January 18, with more than 48% of tweets expressing some sort of emotion. The main ERs fell into the “good” (23.8%), “excited” (7.1%), “crazy” (3.7%), “afraid” (2.4%), and “cool” (1.0%) categories, with “love” ruling at 56.2%.

Leading Up To Launch

On July 14, the day before Stranger Things was set to go live, an overwhelming 24.7 of all ERs from fans expressed how “excited” they were for the premiere. Some even waited till the stroke of midnight in an effort to not waste a minute.

Canvs will continue to track how viewers are Emotionally Reacting to Stranger Things as the series continues to pick up steam.