Star Wars Episode VII: Light of the Saga

Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, is upon us at last. For our final Episode VII Mash Stat entry, we examined what topics were dominating the broader Star Wars conversation this week. Our first category covered the big news: Star Wars Episode VII casting discussion. The new actors drove the bulk of conversation with 76.89% of mentions while the old cast brought in 15.46%. This included 144 mentions from fans wondering why Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) wasn't coming back to the franchise. Many fans commented on the amount of diversity present, engaging 7.65% of mentions. When it came to Episode VII, many fans were glad to see John Boyega in a lead role, but the addition of only one female lead came under fire. This is only a portion of what will no doubt be a large cast, so it remains to be seen how much diversity the final cast will have.

Our second category dove into the general Star Wars Episode VII discussion happening this week. Plot and story made up 78.01% of mentions as fans posted speculation and debate on the future of the franchise. Optimism drove 14.14% of mentions while only 7.85% were pessimistic. The bulk of fans clearly enjoyed what was revealed so far. As more details about the film emerge, it will be interesting to watch how much this sentiment fluctuates. As always, Mashwork will be watching with great interest.


Star Wars Episode VII: Light of the Saga


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