Star Wars Episode VII: Generations at War

With all the buzz surrounding Star Wars Episode VII's cast announcement earlier this week, we were curious as to how the previous films in the Saga were stacking up across social channels. As expected, Episode VII dominated the conversation, generating 85.5% of all mentions from April 29th through May 1st. The announcement of the cast and subsequent fan speculation led to quite a bit of discussion.

Interestingly enough, Episode I: The Phantom Menace pulled in the most buzz out of Episodes I-VI. Even after 15 years, Menace is still generating a lot of hate. We’d quote Yoda’s line from Menace about the dangers of hate, but we’d prefer not to have anything thrown at us today.

The Original Trilogy generated the second most mentions. A New Hope pulled 3.33%, Empire Strikes Back pulled 2.94% and finally Return of the Jedi with 2.23%. Many fans discussed how the new Sequel Trilogy will tie into the Original and the impact returning characters will have on the story (according to most sources, Han Solo will be featured heavily).

The final two films of the Prequel Trilogy, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, came in last with 1% and 1.35% respectively. The Prequel Trilogy’s broader scope on galactic politics and the fall of the Republic didn’t connect with older fans as well as the Original Trilogy’s focus on personal journeys did.

Many sites are already projecting box office numbers for Star Wars Episode VII, some estimates even reaching the 2 billion dollar mark. If our numbers are any indication, there is certainly enough interest to fill a Death Star or two.  We will certainly find out when the film opens December 18th 2015.

Check back tomorrow for more Star Wars Stats as we Mash our way to Star Wars Day on May 4th!


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