The (Surprising) Social Song of The Summer

As soon as the mercury rises, artists start dropping music left and right, vying for the title of “Song of The Summer.” Some artists chose to put major marketing dollars behind their music. Others hope to get by on just their name and social fan base. And others still don’t say a word. (Cue Beyoncé mic drop). There’s no exact science to what makes a song the official Song of The Summer. Record sales? Tour dates? Youtube views? Since we live and breathe social media here at Mashwork, we decided to bypass sales numbers and chart algorithms to crown a Song of The Summer based on social media discussion alone.

And the song of the summer is…a ballad?

The most social song this summer is... “All of Me” by the butter-smooth voiced John Legend. Legend’s low-key heartfelt ballad isn’t the winner we expected, especially following last year’s over-played sexually driven, “Blurred Lines.”

To determine The Song of the Summer, we first looked at Billboard's Hot 100 and gathered the top 20 songs. We analyzed all Twitter mentions of those 20 songs from the official first day of summer to now. (June 21 – August 7, 2014) From there we broke out mentions of each top 20 song to determine The Song of The Summer. Legend's winning love ballad was discussed more than 33 times per hour since the beginning of summer.

What came in a close second to “All of me?” Taking the silver is another song of heartbreak, “Stay with Me” by British newcomer Sam Smith. Since June 21, the heartbreak anthem has been discussed more than 31 times per hour.

“Turn Down for What” from DJ Snake and Lil Jon rounded out the top three with it’s catchy tag line and hype up beat.

It's not "Fancy"

Where is the apparent front-runner for Song of The Summer, Iggy Azalea’s hit “Fancy?” And what about Calvin Harris’s ironically named “Summer?” While the two hopefuls made our list, they fell short of the top spots and landed somewhere in the middle. See below for our list of the top 20 songs of summer based on social share of voice. (We don’t think Pharrell will be too "Happy" about his ranking.)

Song of the summer

Honorable Mention: “Bang Bang” - Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

The recently released, “Bang Bang,” which dropped  on July 29, made a strong play for the Song of The Summer title. Although it was not included in the Billboard Hot 100 at the time of the analysis, we were curious about the impact the song could have made on the list, and we were surprised. Conversation inclusive of the pop hit featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj would have taken the #4 spot on our list, even though it’s only been out a week.

What’s “Bang Bang’s”secret? Collaboration seems to be a theme for summer hits, with 40% of songs on our list featuring another artist. And “Bang Bang” is a big collaboration, featuring three major music stars. Can “Bang Bang” knock “All of Me” out of the top spot before the summer is over?