Simplicity: A Strategy Guide

There's no denying that the social ecosphere is becoming more and more complex as companies strive to develop new ways to engage and interact with their core audience. So with all this information and engagement happening, how does a brand "keep it simple" to get the real message across?

Rule #1: Offer a clear, consistent, voice and value. Before you hit "GO" on your social media campaign, take time to develop the objectives of your online presence. Be sure to identify the value you bring through engaging with your core audience, and create a "content schedule" that will allow you to offer clear, consistent messaging. Use these strategies to marry both your offline and online initiatives, with an end goal of prompting a behavior.

Rule #2: Provide content that your audience cares about. A great starting place for developing your "content schedule" is through understanding what your audience cares about and driving conversation around that. Typically, consumers will choose to engage with you because of the value you have to offer them. Being able to create and share content that lines up with the interests of your audience is key.

Rule #3: Create simple, low friction experiences that consumers want to share. Creating simple, sharable content is key. In other words, don't make your audience think. Keep it simple and valuable and it's more likely to be engaged with, thus getting more impressions across the social graph. Always be armed with clear, sticky CTAs.