Sharknado 3 and the Alternative Press Music Awards Battle for Social TV Victory

This season’s most buzzed-about shows inspired colossal amounts of Twitter activity this week. The particularly crazy episodes of Teen Wolf and Wayward Pines had fans gripping their seats. Meanwhile, 15% of Pretty Little Liars viewers sighed in frustration as the main characters, once again, fumbled their latest sleuthing attempts.

As anticipated, Syfy’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! launched gigantic waves of emotional Tweets during its Wednesday night premiere. The TV movie special inspired a total 102,080 reactions with over 6,000 expressing excitement in the hours before its airing. Fans especially took to Twitter to vote on the fate of Tara Reid’s character with the hashtags #aprillives and #aprildies.

However, sharks and hashtag polls fell short to the Alternative Press Music Awards, which aired the same evening. The awards show rocked the social TV stage with a walloping 124,393 total reactions. The band 5 Seconds of Summer particularly drummed up audiences when it received the Best Fandom award, which made for the most reacted-to moment of the show at 3,414 reactions.

Take a look at our infographic, also available on The Drum’s Found Remote, for further analysis on how audiences felt about TV last week.