Performances Drive Record-Breaking 2014 BET Awards

The 2014 BET Awards was a huge success by all accounts.  Attracting 7.9 million viewers when it aired on June 29, the BET Awards was the most-watched cable award show this year. The 2014 awards also broke a Twitter record: coming in at just under 11 million tweets, this was the most-tweeted BET Awards show ever. We used Canvs to uncover the emotions driving all those tweets and found that the top moments were overwhelmingly driven by performers. The performer who had the most stage time, host Chris Rock, was very popular--in fact, he garnered the most reactions of anyone at the awards with 237,169 in total. It seems Rock was the right man for the hosting gig: 42% of reactions fell into the "funny" category.

As for music acts, Usher was the most loved by far. He garnered 106,504 reactions, most of which occurred during his greatest hits performance.

See our infographic below for more insight into the 2014 BET Awards, and be sure to check out the accompanying article on Lost Remote. We congratulate our Beta partners at BET on a fantastic show. In case you missed the 2014 BET Awards, you can catch an encore on Thursday, July 10 at 7P/6C.

2014 BET Awards