Canvs Update: Season Level Context Panel

We know that context makes any data more meaningful, so we've made a concerted effort to establish norms and standards in the Canvs platform over the past few months. First we added benchmarks to the episode view, and then we improved those benchmarks. Now we've updated the season recap view to include benchmarks that span entire seasons of television. To access this new feature, simply navigate to the season recap page of the series you'd like to view. The context panel is in the upper right, exactly where it appears in the episode view.

Currently, the context panel in season recap view tells you:

  • Average volume of reactions and Tweets per airing
  • Average episode reaction rate for the season
  • Season-over-season performance, when applicable

The context panel in season recap view also provides benchmarks for the season's average reaction volume and reaction rate against:

  • Series average for all seasons
  • Network average
  • Daypart average

You can use each of these averages to gauge the performance of individual episodes, and averages can be compared across competitive shows.

The season recap context panel provides an important first step in understanding how Twitter users feel about TV series over time. We'll update you as we continue to improve our norms and standards.