Prosthetic Leg Boosts Real Housewives of NYC Finale

Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City ended its sixth season with a drama-filled episode that got fans tweeting. We used Canvs to analyze the finale and found that  a disproportionate amount of both Twitter conversation and reactions, defined as tweets containing emotions, occurred near the end of the show when housewife Aviva Drescher threw her fake lag across the table at Le Cirque.

During the fifteen minutes surrounding this incident, the show garnered 42% of its total Twitter volume (4,792 tweets) and a staggering 45% of its total reactions (1,550 reactions).  During that time, 28% of fan reactions expressed "love," 22% said the circumstances were "crazy," and 14% found the situation "funny."

The leg incident, or #LegGate, as fans called it on Twitter, also changed the perception of Aviva over the course of the episode. In the forty five minutes leading up to #LegGate, only 6% of reactions to Aviva mentioned "crazy." During #LegGate itself, a full 22% of reactions mentioning Aviva called her "crazy."

We conducted further analysis on Real Housewives finale for our editorial partners at Lost RemoteYou can also see how the other housewives fared during the episode in the infographic below.

Real Housewives of NYC finale