Pretty Little Liars Going Strong after Five Seasons

Pretty Little Liars aired its fifth season premiere on Tuesday, June 10th to the massive response we've come to expect.  The ABC Family drama smashes the competition both in ratings and social media buzz every week it airs, and this premiere was no exception. The Pretty Little Liars season five premiere even beat the Twitter rating for the latest Walking Dead finale.  We wanted to figure out how the show stays at the top of the heap after five seasons, so we analyzed Twitter reactions to the latest premiere using Canvs. With all the double-crossing and mistaken identities that have surfaced in the hunt for "A," the show's mysterious villain, it came as no surprise that that characters were one of the top drivers of emotion for Pretty Little Liars. Here are the top three characters that drove emotions this week.

  • Ali's return to Rosewood made her the most-mentioned character in the love category, with 3,001 reactions. She also elicited the most "scary" reactions (1,868) as people expressed fear that something would happen to her.
  • Aria was the most frequently hated character, garnering 5,853 Tweets expressing dislike. Fans were annoyed primarily by her naive belief that the Liars would no longer be vexed by "A."
  • Mona's return to the dark side made her the character people said "WTF" most about, with 3,929 reactions. She was also the top mentioned character in "confused" and "intense," eliciting 293 and 957 reactions in each respective category.

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Pretty Little Liars Season Five