Pretty Little Liars Finale 'Craziest' Yet

We keep a very close eye on Pretty Little Liars here at Canvs. We felt obligated to cover the Season 5 finale to keep you updated after our coverage of  the Season 5 premiere and the Season 5 winter premiere. The Season 5 finale drew fewer reactions than other seasons, but according to Twitter users it was the craziest PLL finale we've tracked, with 32% of Twitter reactions saying something about the show was crazy using words like "WTF," "OMG," and "messed up." For comparison, the Season 2  finale saw 24% of reactions express crazy, the last episode of season 3 had 27%, the Season 4 finale came in at 30% crazy. 

For more analysis of the Pretty Little Liars finale, check out the graphic below and head over to our editorial partner, AdWeek's Lost Remote.