PR Summit 2013: Modern Market Research Panel

As seen on The Holmes Report. Last week Mashwork's CEO & Founder, Jared Feldman, flew down to Miami to speak on a panel at PR Summit 2013.  The panel, lead by Matt Makovsky of Makovsky + Company, was titled "Modern Market Research — How Social Intelligence is Re-Defining Business Strategies."

Jared and Matt, accompanied by Sprint's Jason Gertzen and Oracle's Gaye Hudson discussed trends within the industry that have facilitated Modern Market Research and shared case studies for both Sprint and Oracle.

Within this panel Jared highlights the benefits of social media listening: “It gives you access to an enormous focus group, and allows you to listen in on conversations that are taking place all around the world.”

Watch a stream of the panel below to learn more about Modern Market Research and our recent work for Sprint in partnership with Makovsky + Company: