Pinterest for Businesses

Pinterest is the new cool kid on the block in terms of social media platforms, but like all platforms, we must try to figure out how it translates for business. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a virtual pinboard that helps you bookmark things you like. It allows you to upload your own images, or ‘repin’ images posted by other users. Think of it as a social media scrapbook.

Is Pinterest right for you? To decide if Pinterest would be a useful platform for your business, you must figure out if their audience aligns with your target market.

The Pinterest audience is: -       Majorly female -       Primarily between the ages of 18-34 -       Somewhat likely to have children -       Likely to have gone to college -       Likely to have a household income of over $30K -       Very likely to be Caucasian

Pinterest is pretty niche in terms of topics. Popular topics on Pinterest include: -       Food & Cooking -       Hobbies & Collectable -       Interior Decorating -       Fashion

If this audience translates and these topics are relevant, then you should invest some time in creating a Pinterest account for your business.

Pinteresting Tips for Businesses 1. Like every other social media site, make sure your business name is visible, that you have a short yet thorough ‘about’ section, that you have a high-resolution profile picture, and a URL to your website.

2. Pin a lot and pin steadily for maximum exposure.

3. Use keywords in your descriptions to make your pins more searchable. Keep descriptions short but interesting and explanatory.

4. Interact with followers by: - Following them back - Re-pining them - Commenting on their pins (especially those that feature your brand) - Mentioning them in the description of a pin - Like their pins

5. Maintain variety. Post from different sources, different types of images, and mix it up between pins & re-pins.

6. Create multiple boards with different themes and types of content.

7. Use the search function to see who is talking about your brand, industry, or your competitors.

8. Effective boards for businesses are: - Thank you boards that thank your followers - A company board that shows your team, your office, and your core values - Product line boards that show different product lines and their prices - Inspiration boards that show what inspired particular collections - Tutorial, DIY or how-to boards

9. Allow brand advocates and frequent customers to become curators on one of your boards to show your appreciation to them.

10. Offer exclusive promotions by including promotion codes in the description of your pin.


While Pinterest may just be a fad, if it is relevant to your business, then it is worth it to give it a try. The website is very under-saturated by businesses, creating a huge opportunity for you to promote yourself in a very unsolicited manner. Pin away!