Picture this: Facebook Camera

Yesterday everyone found out that Facebook launched its new "Facebook Camera Application" that is available in the App Store for free. Facebook’s new app has 15 different filters and cropping features created by Facebook product manager Dirk Stoop. Sound familiar to a little mobile application called Instagram that they bought 1 billion dollars ago?

To keep everybody in one place, it’s only natural that Mother Facebook adopted Instagram and then ate its own kin. But is mimicking another mobile app going to enhance its owns mobile influence? Investing more time on their mobile strategy and having sub-applications to breed profit might have been a better line of attack.

So what did Twitterverse have to say about Facebook’s new act to its ever-growing circus? It seemed as although while Instagram has nothing to do with the new app, 27% of the 41,940 Tweets mentioning Facebook Camera also mentioned Instagram. The curtain has opened and people are discussing the true purpose of the Instagram acquisition.

So is this the end for Instagram and the beginning of Facebook’s lineage keeping everything on the Internet within the family? Probably not.

If you feel like you’re having a bit of deja-vu, that’s understandable. Facebook built Facebook Places, which they were pretty confident would replace Foursquare. Fail. Facebook built Marketplace to replace Craigslist. Fail. Facebook has a habit of trying to replace other social networks, and it never really seems to pan out.

We’re not worried about you, Instagram. We’re on your side.