NPH Fuels Most-Loved Tony Awards Moments

On Sunday, June 8 Broadway celebrated the 68th Annual Tony Awards.

We used Canvs to analyze how fans reacted to the broadcast.

Most Tony Awards conversation expressed love for some aspect of the awards. In fact, the top five most emotional moments on Twitter expressed some variation of love. We created the infographic below to tell you more about the five moments with the most reactions during the Tony Awards.

Though 55% of reactions to the Tonys expressed "love," Canvs also uncovered sizable pools of conversation that expressed other emotions.

  • 12% of all reactions expressed congratulations
  • 9% said something about the telecast was good
  • 8% found someone or something beautiful
  • 7% got angry at some point
  • 6% were excited
  • 3% admitted that the Tonys "Made me cry"

These emotions were all expressed in fans' own words. For instance, if someone Tweets "Idina Menzel's performance had me in tears," Canvs would include that in the "made me cry" category.

Here are some of our top findings that aren’t in the graphic:

  • Neil Patrick Harris was clearly the most popular celeb involved in the awards. He was responsible for the top two most loved moments, and he was the most-followed personality among the audience. A whopping 45.5% of those who reacted to the Tonys follow @actuallyNPH, which is 39.24% higher than the Twitter average.

  • The Tonys are a very New York centric affair. New Yorkers made up 23.2% of people who reacted to the Tonys on Twitter. That’s 20% higher than the Twitter average.
  • Men were more likely to be angry about something in the broadcast. Only 7% of reactions to the Tony Awards expressed anger, but those who were angry were 8.5% more likely to be male than the rest of the Tony Audience.
  • The “angriest” moment of the show occurred at 8:05 during Hugh Jackman’s opening song. There was too much hopping for fan’s tastes.

The graphic below takes you through the most loved moments from the Tony Awards.

Tony Awards Infographic