Reactions to 'Mad Men' cite sexism

AMC's Mad Men brought us into the 1970s for the premiere of its final season (well, the second half of its final season). The hemlines and hairstyles mark a clear departure from the 1960s Mad Men we're used to, and there's been a shift in the dialog about gender roles in the workplace as well. We took a look at Twitter reactions to Joan in this episode to gauge how fans felt about her storyline. In one particularly awful scene, two men from McCann blatantly sexually harass Joan during a meeting while Peggy sits by. This isn't the first time we've seen Joan harassed--in fact we've seen her endure much worse--but it's the first time we see her harassed so blatantly as a partner in the firm.

Reactions to Joan seemed somewhat polarized in the premiere: She was mentioned in 6% of all love reactions and 7% of all hate reactions. On further inspection, these reactions actually expressed similar sentiments toward Joan. Of love reactions mentioning Joan, 6% praised the bold line she uttered after the humiliating meeting, "I want to burn this place to the ground."

Similarly, hatred toward Joan was about her untenable situation rather than her character.

Twitter reactions to Mad Men may support gender equality but will we see Joan get the respect she deserves before the final episode?

For even more Mad Men analysis, check out the infographic below and coverage at AdWeek's Lost Remote.

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