Mad Men Finale Leaves Fans Scratching Heads Until 2015

Massive spoilers below. Proceed with caution. Last week's Mad Men finale certainly didn't feel very "midseason." An acquisition, a big pitch, and the death of a major character all set against the backdrop of the moon landing made for one of the most action-packed episodes to date. Calling the episode a midseason finale doesn't seem to do it justice, especially considering fans will have to wait a year for the second half of Mad Men's seventh and final season.

We used Canvs to analyze the Mad Men finale and found that viewers reacted to the episode with a range of emotion appropriate to the highs and low of the episode. Reactions spanned from love to sucked to sad. Many who Tweeted were confused by the final scene when the deceased Bert Cooper did an elaborate song and dance number for Don Draper.  The emotion "WTF" spiked during the scene, prompted, no doubt, by people who don't know that Robert Morse, who plays Bert Cooper, is a celebrated Broadway performer. Many of those who loved the scene or said it was the "best" cited how fitting it was to have Morse go out with a musical number.

The infographic below details emotional reactions to the Mad Men finale. As always, you can read more over at our editorial partner, Lost Remote.

Mad Men Finale infographic