'Limitless' on CBS concludes its first season with fans expressing a lot of 'crazy'

Limitless, the CBS series about a man who possesses exceptional cognitive powers due to the ingestion of a mysterious drug NZT, closed out its first season on Tuesday night. We took a look at the two part finale to gauge fans’ emotional response.

The first part of the finale kicked off on April 19, where Canvs detected 914 Emotional Reactions (ERs) out of 2,472 tweets captured by Nielsen. The main ERs fell into the “good” (14.8%), “crazy” (10.8%), “excited” (10.0%), “congrats” (3.7%), and “unsure” (3.2%) categories, with “love” dominating at 43.3% (vs. 7.1% “hate” and 7.1% “dislike”).

Immediately following the episode, there was a “love” emotional spike, accounting for 49.2% of all ERs in the five minute span.

For part two of the finale, which aired on Tuesday night, Canvs identified 1,327 ERs out of 3,607 tweets captured by Nielsen, with the main ERs falling into the “good” (15.9%), “excited” (10.5%), and “crazy” (8.4%) categories, with “love” dominating at 53.1% (vs. 12.2% “dislike”). On the night, the reaction rate was 36.8%, with more than 550 unique reacting authors, and a retention rate of 23.3% from the previous week.

The closing moments of the season already had fans wishing for another season premiere, with “love” accounting for an overwhelming 67.5% of all ERs in the final five minutes.

With fan engagement and participation steadily increasing throughout the season, only time will tell if CBS will answer fans’ prayers, and renew Limitless for a second season.