Land of the Free and Home of the iPhone

In a world where staying connected is vital to your everyday life, it’s hard to imagine life without all your apps in the palm of your hand. Go off of Facebook for a few hours and you’re already out of the loop. When your phone is at ten percent you start to panic and sprint to an outlet before your phone powers down. You would be lying if you say you never felt this way, even just a little bit.

But how do you know when it’s time to step away from the smart phone and surrender?

It is all about making the most out of technology and not letting it take advantage of you. Start by becoming a bit more selective about what you share with the rest of the Internet.

Quantity v. Quality: What you are doing online holds much more value than the amount of time you spend online. Don’t bother wasting time tweeting and updating your friends and followers on every little thing that is happening in real time. No one really cares if you had a cup of coffee and complained about the new Facebook Timeline all day. Now if you had coffee with a Kardashian, that might be something to tweet about and make sure she retweets you too (for bragging rights, of course)!

Texting, checking email and updating statuses can be very productive, but for the most part, they can be the purest form of procrastination. A digital detox can do a little good for your carpal tunnel in your right thumb and help create a clearer vision of what content you should be putting online.

Easy access to updating, posting and scrolling through feed can make it difficult to take a breather from the social media platforms you are using. There are a few things that you can do to minimize this. Make lists on Twitter so you can view only certain Twitter handles that are vital like weather updates and current events. Block Facebook feeds from friends who are always posting pictures of themselves and their cats so your News Feed will become significantly less cluttered. Deactivate the “push” option on your email so you can check your mail at your own will. And don’t you dare download that Tumblr App.

So for today’s Memorial Holiday, put down your BlackBerry and iPhone and pick up a Corona with a few friends. You’re only allowed one Instagram picture of a Fleet Week Seaman and yourself.