NBA Finals Dominated Social TV Emotions Last Week

Last week we introduced a recurring weekly feature in Found Remote, a section in The Drum devoted to social TV. Each week we will provide Found Remote with an infographic about the top emotional moments and trends on social TV.

The NBA Finals dominated emotional Twitter reactions to TV last week, accounting for nearly half of total reactions, and LeBron James dominated reactions to the Finals. James was mentioned in nearly 40% of all reactions to the games. It looks like sports fans still love to hate James, too. For each of the three games, James inspired more hate reactions than love reactions. He netted out with about 150,000 love reactions to just over 170,000 hate reactions. In fact, there were more hate reactions directed at James last week than there were total reactions to NBC's programming. 

Check out our infographic below for more on how people felt about TV last week, and be sure to head over to Found Remote

Canvs 2015 NBA Finals