It isn't Easy being Easy

In recent posts, we discussed what platforms you should be using, why you should be using them and how you should be using them. Surprisingly, that isn’t even half the battle. It is easy to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

You start a blog. Put up a cute banner, add a picture or two and add your Twitter feed on the side bar. Now it is time to put the actual content in place. What should I say? How long should my first post be? What are some things I should include? There is only one rule you should remember: less=more. Whether you are starting a business, running a campaign or branding yourself, simplicity is what will grab and hold the attention of the audience you seek in this digital age.

The problem with simplicity is that it is actually very complex. We tend to over think, over analyze, tear down and build back up ideas that are fine just the way they are originally. Great substance doesn’t come from a million things to create something else; it comes from one idea that will ultimately make something else easier.

Most innovative things you come across that grab your attention are due to the fact that the concept or idea is so effortless. Apple Products, Zappos, Halal Food Carts; all “brilliant” ideas that come from the core reasoning that they are so incredibly uncomplicated. The beautiful marriage between iTunes and the iPod made the consumer’s music listening so convenient that they were willing to pay much more for a product that was much less complex than other MP3 players in the past.

So when you begin on your path to digital success, keep in mind that in order to become bigger you must first learn to become smaller. Prioritizing the most important issues, focus on appealing a narrower target rather than everybody and embracing the change in technology will keep you in the race and possibly create an entirely different lane.