Introducing Canvs Benchmarks

We created Canvs so that you can immediately know how people feel about TV shows. Our clients love gaining insight into the top emotional drivers of conversation, but until now there was no way to know how a single show compared to everything else on TV. We're pleased to introduce the Canvs context panel, which allows you to see episode-level benchmarks in terms of:

  • Every season premiere in Canvs (only if the episode is a season or series premiere)
  • Other episodes in the same season of the series
  • Other episodes in that series, from any season, that Canvs has tracked
  • New and live shows airing on the same network
  • TV episodes airing during the same daypart
  • TV shows in the same genre

The volume section of the context panel tracks a count of all the reactions attributed to each category. For instance, the episode displayed above garnered 5.1% more reactions than the other primetime shows Canvs measures.

The reaction rate is simply reactions as percentage of total volume. For example, if there were 100 Tweets about a show and 30 Tweets contained an emotional reaction, that show would have a reaction rate of 30%. In the episode above, the context panel tells us that this show had a 5.8% higher reaction rate than other comedies.

The Context panel also provides information about search terms. Type your terms into the search bar and the context panel will tell you what percentage of Tweets and reactions your search term inspired.

We calculate these benchmarks using all the data available in Canvs. Since Canvs updates on a daily basis, these benchmarks will automatically adjust each day as new episodes are added.

Benchmarks are an important priority for the Canvs team, look for more new features in the coming weeks.