ICYMI: Canvs and Viacom Making BIG Waves in 2016.

If you're a Canvs follower, you've noticed we've had a busy few weeks. Between announcing our Series A funding, gearing up for our Media Insights and Engagement sponsorship, and countless other initiatives on the horizon (just wait!), we've started 2016 in high gear.

One of the initiatives that has us most excited is our partnership with Viacom. Canvs has now been incorporated into the Viacom Echo Social Graph to provide an unprecedented advantage to Viacom Velocity’s clients: measuring consumers’ emotional Reactions to marketing campaigns for the first time ever in the industry.

Velocity’s updated Echo Social Graph product (“Echo 2.0.”), a proprietary tool that measures the effectiveness and virality of custom creative marketing initiatives, will integrate our emotional analysis to deliver deeper insights to marketing partners about the consumer impact of a campaign. Canvs’s sophisticated capability tracks a range of 56 unique emotions, compared to the lackluster three—positive-negative-neutral—of traditional sentiment analysis. Additionally, our extensive database is uniquely keyed into Millennial slang and social media vernacular, making our partnership all the more relevant for Viacom's needs.

Here are just some of the press hits which highlight this relationship: