Hip-Hip Hooray, June 30 is Social Media Day!

Next Thursday, June 30th marks the second annual Social Media Day as declared by one of our favorite sources of all things digital, Mashable. An entire day to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social, who are we to argue?

Here are some fun ways to celebrate!

1. Attend Social Media Day Events on Meetup: Cities across the United States are planning their own meetups to celebrate being social. So far, there are already over 1,336 communities on Meetup involved, connect with yours here.

2. Co-Worker Panel Discussion: Set aside a few hours with your co-workers to discuss how being social plays a role in your company. Brainstorm on ways you can improve your online social media presence.

3. Participate in Online Discussions: Take some time to seek out and participate in conversations happening across the social web. This is a great way to get involved in the social community and learn about new trends in the space.

4. Adopt a New Platform: There's so much buzz around Facebook and Twitter. Explore and join new platforms such as Quora, Get Glue, Yelp or Instagram. You may just find yourself a new favorite platform!

Have fun, explore, connect!