Happy 3rd Anniversary Mashwork!

Anniversary Three years, 1,096 days, or 26,304 hours ago, a young man named Jared Feldman had a dream in the living room of his Manhattan apartment.  His dream was to create a social media intelligence company, to be named Mashwork.

Since that moment of epiphany 1,578,240 minutes ago, Mashwork has been on an incredible journey.

Mashwork has made sense of what is happening on social media for over 70 brands and agencies, producing reports and infographics that have rocked the industry, and made social listening a must-have for social-savvy marketers and tastemakers across New York City and the world.

In its three years of existence, Mashwork has grown to 14 passionate employees.  It has gone from Jared’s livingroom, to the 8th floor of a midtown Manhattan office.

While Mashwork has gone through many changes, the important things have remained the same: Mashwork works as hard as ever to create unique and insightful reports for each and every one of our clients. 

Please join us in celebrating this exciting milestone for our company.  Mashwork is proud of how far we have come and excited for our future!