Halt and Catch Fire Picks up Mad Men's Audience

Halt and Catch Fire, AMC's new drama set in the 1980s at the dawn of the PC era, got a lot of attention for being the first TV show to premiere on Tumblr. Halt's pilot was available online (as well as on-demand platforms) a full two full weeks before the show premiered on linear television. This meant that Halt and Catch Fire's tech savvy target audience had ample opportunity to watch the show in advance of its linear premiere. Beyond its early release, Halt and Catch Fire was interesting to us because it took over Mad Men's 10PM Sunday time slot on AMC. We wanted to see if the show was able to retain the high-caliber audience Mad Men attracts. We compared the finale of Mad Men, which aired on May 25th, to the June 1st premiere of Halt and found that the audience was very similar, even if Halt and Catch Fire attracted fewer viewers. Our Lost Remote analysis this week takes a closer look at the overlap between the audiences.

Many Halt and Catch Fire viewers also mentioned the show in the context of Mad Men. We used Canvs to see how those who Tweeted about Mad Men and Halt and Catch Fire felt about the two shows. We found that only 8% (or 2 reactions) said they felt dislike for Halt in the context of Mad Men. The remainder of reactions fell into "love," "good," "entertaining," and "excited." As Halt's inaugural season progresses, it will be interesting to see if the show picks up momentum and continues to draw a similar audience to Mad Men.

The infographic below analyzes the premiere episode of Halt and Catch Fire. As always, you can head over to our editorial partner Lost Remote for more information.

Halt and Catch Fire infographic