Godzilla: A Monster Social Media Success

Godzilla surfaced in theaters last week, smashing box office expectations and leaving a trail of happy theater-goers in its wake. In addition to being the first American Godzilla to pay off big time for studios, it’s also a major success for indie director Gareth Edwards. His debut film, Monsters, clearly set him up to succeed in his retelling of the Japanese monster classic. We wanted to know how people reacted to the latest Kaiju film on the social web. We dove into the Twitter conversation surrounding Godzilla’s opening weekend to quantify this monster of a film.

Reactions to Godzilla were massively positive.

Similar to its performance in theaters, reactions to the movie were extremely positive on Twitter. Over opening weekend, it earned $93 Million domestically and generated 672,865 Tweets. We used Canvs, our proprietary social entertainment insights platform, to analyze what feelings drove Twitter reactions to Godzilla.  We found that nearly 40% of tweets contained an emotional reaction to the film, and three out of every four emotional Tweets were positive. Out of all reactions to the film, “Awesome” was the most commonly used.

Godzilla is even more awesome in IMAX.

When it comes to monster movies, bigger is better. People who said they watched Godzilla in IMAX 3D were 70% more likely to say the film was “Awesome” compared to people who said they saw it in a standard theater.

Godzilla fans are already speculating about future monster battles.

Some people enjoyed the film so much that they roared for a sequel, speculating on what classic monster battles could be featured in the next installment. Mothra topped the list, but King Kong and Ghidorah also made appearances in the top 5 most requested monsters. Clearly, fans want to see their favorite Kaiju reimagined with modern effects.

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